Threaded Stem Glides


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Threaded Stem Swivel Glides and Threaded Stem Non-Swivel Glides come in three base materials; choose from Metal Threaded Stem Glides, Nylon Threaded Stem Glides, or Felt Base Threaded Stem Glides, depending on your floor type. Swivel Base Stem Glides are available to fit chairs, desks, and tables with angled legs, and the Non-Swivel Stem Glides fit school furniture with vertical legs (mostly used for tables and stool seating). Screw on Stem Glides can be used with Threaded Stem Inserts or add a Lock Nut to secure through the tubing or at the steel leg bottom. 

Leg Tube Threaded Inserts are available to Hold Threaded Stem Glides. Threaded Stem Leg Inserts are concealed inside the leg tubing and accept any 1/4” x 20 Threaded Stem Glide. Available in round or square designs to fit three different tubing sizes.

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