Cone Barriers


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Our durable and high-visibility Parking Cone Barriers are perfect to direct traffic, students and others when it matters most. Prevent traffic jams and long lines with our Cone Barriers and increase safety for all before, during and after school hours. Our Cone Barriers are reflective and highly-visible in any sort of weather, and that can help prevent accidents and other issues in your parking lots and gathering spaces.

Better yet, turn your school's existing orange cones into bonafide stanchions with our Parking Cone Retractable Belt Topper. Available in Black, high-visibility Yellow, or as a Black and Yellow striped design, it's easy to create entrance areas and guide students and visitors through any area, no matter how open or cramped.

To cordon off certain spaces as off limits, use our lightweight Plastic Safety Chain that won't harm finishes or the fingers of students and staff. Add our Plastic S-Hooks and attach the Chain to just about anything, or opt for our Yellow Traffic Cone Handle and Chain or Tape Holder to complete the set.

And if all you need is some Yellow Caution Barrier Tape, we've got that, too. Available with various messaging and in 1,000ft. long rolls with 2in. high lettering and 3in. high tape, you can reduce hazardous liability and dial up the safety with our indoor and outdoor safe barrier tape.