Roof Leak Diverters & Air Blowers


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When a permanent fix is not a viable option, our popular Leak Diverter Products are an excellent way to direct leaks safely away from traffic areas. Leak Grabber Kit is a heavy-duty tarp with grommets for easy hanging. A molded-in hose attachment bib in the center allows any roof leak to be diverted through the diverter hose—a simple design and incredibly effective when the need to save your building from roof leak damage arises. Leak Grabbers are a temporary solution for large or small leaks that are affordable and easy-to-use.

If installing on a suspended ceiling, we also offer Leak Grabber Panels which are also easy to install; simply drop them into your suspended ceiling grid. This suspended ceiling Leak Diverter operates like a pan, with an attached hose in the center to direct roof leaks.

Portable Electric Air Movers, or Floor Dryers, can be placed strategically in areas such as door entrances or floors in areas that have been wet due to a leak, wet shoe traffic, or heavy snow. Placing Floor Dryers on indoor matting will circulate the air to keep your floors and matting dry.

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