3 Reasons Your School Should Renovate Furniture

rough school furniture to be renovated and repairedRenovating and updating classroom and cafeteria furniture can save your school a lot of time and money. Whether you need to fix broken chairs, teachers' desks, or tables, or if you’re looking to give classrooms or the cafeteria a fresh look, you should consider renovating existing furniture.

Here are three reasons why you should renovate your school's furniture, rather than buy new.

  • Renewed furniture renews pride & school spirit
  • Save time with fast renovation projects
  • Save money and stay within budget


Increase pride & school spirit

Renovated School Cafeteria Tables with Stool SeatingSchool furniture, in today’s world, needs to be able to meet a wide range of purposes and be multi-functional. It should also be dependable and durable, comfortable, and appealing.

New-looking, well-kept furnishings, and surroundings help students & visitors have pride in the school. Matching furnishing colors to school colors also contribute to school spirit.


Save time with fast fix-up

Lead times for purchasing new furniture can be up to 4-6 weeks, or longer, which proves to be difficult when there are time constraints. Furniture renovation projects can be completed quickly and efficiently without causing major disruptions.


Fix Up Your School Classroom Furniture

Stay within your budget

For many school districts, it’s difficult to get funding for new furnishings. Choosing to renovate & fix-up existing furniture is easier to get approval for and saves the school money.

Not only will the school avoid the large expense of buying new furnishings, but it also allows the existing furniture to last even longer, saving money long term.


Furniture Renovation Resources

Renovated Cafeteria Tables with Replacement Cone Style Stool CapsFor cafeteria table renovation, our popular cafeteria table stool tops have been developed to exceed the original manufacturers’ design quality and fit most cafeteria brands with one universal design. Made from the highest quality HDPE plastics they resist breakage from normal everyday usage. Choose from our Universal Cone Style Stool Caps or Universal Flat Style Stool Caps.


Fix-up your Virco 9000 chairs with replacement chair shells. These cost-effective chair shells can be used on a number of different chair frames to replace old or worn-out seating. All chair shells come undrilled and can be attached to your chair frame by simply using a nut and bolt or by using rivets. Intended to be used on Virco 9000 Series Chairs. Available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your specific situation. Don't forget to fix the chair glides either. Get all the materials you need!


For additional information and parts guide, click to learn  Why Schools Should Care About Furniture Renovation (& Replacement Parts Guide). We hope you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, including replacing toilet partitions, please visit the School Fix Blog.


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