Tip & Roll Interchangeable Sign Stanchions

Direct Traffic with Large Portable Sign & Base

If you have messaging that changes based on the time of day or you need to temporarily display a sign for a queue of cars, students, or pedestrians, our Interchangeable Message Signs are an ideal way to display your message if you don't have a permanent fixture. Made from a sturdy, blow-molded Plastic with a unique “tip-and-roll” design that makes maneuvering easy, our Interchangeable Message Signs can be used indoors and outdoors in any weather condition.

Once you have your “tip-and-roll” base and sign holder, you can swap signs in and out with ease. In high traffic areas, or if there's a chance of tipping, simply fill the base of the sign with sand or water to ensure that your sign stays put. The included spring brackets allow the sign to flex in the wind, ensuring additional stability in instances of inclement weather. 

Measuring 57” tall mounted to a stable 24” x 30” base, our Interchangeable Message Signs are large enough to be seen but not so big that they get in the way or are difficult to maneuver and set. Each sign is easily parked and wheeled away by one person, and they also store away conveniently inside utility closets. The large, 3” wheels roll on all surfaces -- from asphalt to hardwood, carpet, and even grass -- making it easy to wheel the sign over and set it up for anyone. 

As for the Message Signs themselves, they're 24” wide by 36” tall, providing high visibility in all sorts of situations. And the best part is that each sign holder holds two signs -- front and back -- so that you can easily swap messaging on the fly by just turning the sign around.

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