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Easily set up to promote Hand Sanitization in high traffic areas in and around your school or facility. SchoolFix® Hand Sanitizer Post Stations features a durable 2” Steel Post design that will not flex under pressure or abuse. The Stainless Steel Sanitizer Jug Shelf Bracket incorporates a Top Ring to securely hold a standard 6" diameter Gallon Hand Sanitizer Pump Jug. The base design holds the Post and Sanitizer at the location you choose, weighted down up to 30lbs by filling the base with sand or water. Sanitizer Post Stations feature an aluminum, 6" x 8" high-visibility Sanitizing Station Sign at the top. Popular for school use around the hallwaysgym door entrancescafeteriasclassroomsoffices, or any high traffic area around your school. The Stainless Steel Sanitizer Gallon Jug Bracket can also be wall-mounted, with no post, to create a more permanent Sanitizer Station.

Click to shop the 1 Gallon Hand Sanitizer Jugs - Single Gallon, Part No. TLD624 or Case of 4, Part No. TLD628

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