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Replacement Cafeteria and Activity Tabletops feature quality construction made from either 3/4” thick Particleboard Core Material or 3/4” thick MDF Core Material with a Phenolic Backing Sheet to provide additional strength and moisture resistance. All Particleboard Tops are constructed standard with traditional T-Mold Edge Banding, but optional MDF Core Material with “Armor Edge” molded-in edge treatment is also available for the ultimate in durability.

Replacement Folding Table Legs are fully adjustable from 29” to 32”. These Folding Legs feature superior construction, with a Chrome lower leg tubing and Powder-Coated Steel upper leg tubing. The Folding Leg Bracket attaches securely to the bottom of the tabletop to hold the leg in place, in a folded or unfolded position.

Most common Activity Tables require a Non-Folding Fixed Leg to hold securely to the bottom of the table's top. These fixed legs feature a Chrome lower leg and Powder-Coated Steel upper leg structure that allows the leg height to adjust from 20" to 30" to accommodate virtually any age of students. These Table Leg Replacements also include a Steel Reinforcement Bracket to hold the table leg securely to the bottom of the table top.

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