Social Distancing Floor Decals


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High visibility Social Distancing Floor Decals are made from textured tear-resistant Vinyl that can be strategically placed in heavy use areas to direct foot traffic and clearly display your school social distancing guidelines. Choose from our stock designs, available in sizes and shapes to fit popular locations in your school that may require distancing guidelines to be displayed, such as a door entrance, classroom, hallway, cafeteria, gym, or office use. 

Consider attracting more attention with a Custom Message or School Logo Floor Sticker that can be made to display your message and school logo. All Sticker and Decal designs have a durable anti-slip texture incorporated in the Vinyl and are made specifically for floor use. Choose from Decals made for placement on Hard Floor Surfaces, Carpet Floors, or Indoor & Outdoor Stickers for Concrete or Asphalt surfaces.