Chair Glide Removers & Tools


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You may have decided that it's time to change your chair glides, or you may want to, but you're overwhelmed with the task of that much manual labor for each and every chair. Well, we have developed a few tools that are designed to solve that problem as easily and quickly as possible, turning a difficult task into quick work.

Our most popular Chair Glide Removers and Tools include:

  • Big Bang™ Chair Glide Removal Tool: Hardened Steel construction with a cushioned grip handle. Unique v-shaped wedge design built to fit around any tubing leg size, making this one of the most effective Glide Removal Tools on the market. The side brackets are made specifically to remove glide caps as well. Simply place the tool above the glide base or ferrule, and strike Glide Remover Tool with a hammer or mallet.
  • Q-Ball® Renewal Glide Installation Tool: Perfect for a large quantity installation of Q-Ball® Glides, the tool will allow leverage handles to perform most of the work and make installation a breeze.
  • Plier-Style Drill Guide: The simple clamp-on design of the Plier-Style Drill Guide makes drilling your Furniture Leg Tubing accurate, safe, and efficient, plus makes retrofitting Sled Base Furniture to our Sled Leg Glides is an easy process.

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