Corner Guards & Wall Bumpers


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Protecting your facility walls from structural damage and increasing your building’s aesthetic appeal can be a challenge. Corner Guards are an inexpensive and simple way to accomplish both of these things. Corner Guards are available in 2”, 3” or 4” inch width, 48" length, and made from high impact Plastic, Stainless Steel, or Rubber materials. Each material is designed for use in the hallway, classroom, food service, receiving, or anywhere a wall corner needs impact protection. 

Choose the Corner Guard material construction that will best fit your application. Our high-impact Colored Plastic Corner Guards mount with a strong adhesive double-sided foam tape that performs best on semi-porous surfaces like brick, block, or drywall, while the Clear Plastic Corner Guards are screw mounted. The Stainless Steel Corner Guards and Reflective Rubber Corner Guards are also pre-drilled for easy mounting with screws or can be mounted with glue or silicone. All Corner Guards can be mounted to drywall, brick, block, or virtually any type of wall surface, to cover existing wall damage and prevent future damage to the wall.