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Protect your school janitorial and maintenance crew from injuries while keeping your school clean and organized with our furniture moving dollies, and moving supplies. We carry Stacking Chair Dollies, Desk Movers, Utility Carts, Appliance Dollies, Flat Carts with wheels, and Folding Hand Trucks. Moving large items, such as Teacher Desks, Folding Tables, and Classroom Desks is simple and safe with the assistance of these heavy-duty dollies and labor-saving school furniture movers.

Work smarter, not harder during cafeteria or event set-up and break-down, or when clearing out a classroom for cleaning. Use Furniture Carts such as the Chair Cart or Rolling Desk Cart to transport Student Chairs, Desks, and Workstations safely. Use Table Movers such as the Folding Table Cart to move several tables at once, Parking Cone Movers and Drum Dollies to store and move cones, and 4-Wheel Movers to transport large and bulky items. We also offer Replacement Rubber Wheels and Casters to keep your existing movers in excellent working condition.

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