Q-Ball® Traditional Chair Glides


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Purchasing new School Furniture is a big decision. Find the design that you like, and make sure that you address the long-term impact of that purchase. Specify Traditional Q-Ball® Glides on your furniture, and here’s what you're going to get; scratch-free, versatile school furniture for a lifetime! The best alternative to tennis balls on chair legs, Q-Ball® Glides gives you the option to use your furniture on any flooring surface such as Carpet, VCT Tile, or Hardwood Floors without worrying about scratching, damage, and high maintenance costs to keep your floors shiny. Traditional Chair Glides will scratch and damage your floor eventually. Q-Ball® Ball Glides will not scratch. They are a permanent solution and have a limited lifetime warranty.

Q-Ball® Glides without Felt Surface: Q-Ball® Glides are available in six sizes to fit furniture leg tubing that is either round or square. Simply measure the leg and choose the correct size shown on the following page. Engineered as a low friction alternative to Traditional Floor Glides. Q-Ball® is made specifically to fit many types of school furniture, including stacking chairs, desks, workstations, folding chairs, and stools. Q-Ball® Glides are available as Square Rubber Chair Tips and Round Rubber Chair Tips to cater to the needs of your school. Simply add Q-Ball® Ball Glides to your furniture specification.

Q-Ball® Glides with Felt Surface: This Q-Ball® Felt Glide gives you options to apply a felt surface to accommodate any flooring material. The renewable surface can be changed out for pennies to give you a fresh, clean contact to your floor. Q-Ball® is made specifically to fit many types of school furniture, including stacking chairs, desk workstations, folding chairs and stools. Felt surface insert is included and allows furniture to slide.

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