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Damage from floor scratching is one of the most common and costly issues that a facility maintenance staff encounters. School Fix® offers a wide variety of Sled Base Chair Glides that provide an optimal solution to prevent floor scratching for the entire lifetime of your school chairs. Replacing your existing Saddle Glides with Sled Leg Glides from School Fix® will ensure a quiet, scratch-free function of your school chairs. A few best selling Sled Base Glides include:

  • Slide Glide Permanent Sled Leg Glides: Engineered to fit all Sled Leg Tube sizes, designed with an internal stem to eliminate any potential twisting. Works great on any carpeted or hard floor surface. Available in 8 sizes to fit virtually any Sled Leg Chair or Desk!
  • Sled Leg Zip Glides: Made from soft Q-Ball® material, the ZipGlide uses zip ties to hold it securely to the tubing on Sled Base Chairs and Desks. Designs to fit Round or Square Tubing. A great, no drilling required, retro-fit solution for chairs and desks designed for carpet that are now being used on tile.
  • Plastic Sled Leg Glides with Felt: Flexible Nylon outer sidewall and base, with felt fiber molded into the bottom. Easy installation and sizes to fit most Sled Base Furniture makes this one of our most popular glides.

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