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School Fix carries a wide variety of Building Entrance and School Hallway Products to cater to the needs of your school. A proper school entrance and hallway should have the products in place to allow for students, staff, and visitors to be clearly directed to their destination safely and efficiently.

School Entrance and Hallway Matting will not only add aesthetic appeal to your school entryway, but it will also reduce the chances of slips and falls to allow for safe foot traffic flow.

Our School Lockers allow for secure and efficient storage of student items, available in multiple configurations to fit your school.

Hallway Clocks will provide your students and staff with a clear and visible display to keep your school running in a timely manner.

Door Security Products, such as the Security Latch Door Bars, will allow for a safe and secure lockdown of school doors from the inside when not in use.

Decals for Floors, Doors, and Windows will allow your maintenance staff to mark restricted areas, establish visitor rules, and identify entrance points.

Display Cases and Message Boards will foster school spirit and keep students and staff informed of upcoming events.

Our School Hallway Gates allow you to cordon off restricted areas of your school during events where people may be roaming around the facility.

Cord Covers allow for safe hallway traffic flow reducing trip hazards caused by exposed cords and wires.

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