Sneeze Guards & Shields


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To protect students and staff with Portable Sneeze Guards and Shields, SchoolFix® has many options to fit in any school environment and are engineered specifically for school use on classroom desks and tables, cafeteria tables, or offices. 

Choose from Sneeze Guards made from two materials, our most popular Corrugated Plastic with Clear View Windows or Full Acrylic, made in most popular sizes to fit on student desks and tables, cafeteria tables, or in an office environment. Both Corrugated Plastic and Acrylic designs fold down to lay flat for easy storage. Corrugated Plastic Sneeze Guards are lightweight but extremely durable, with three large clear viewing panels, and made for easy and safe transport between classrooms. Securing the Sneeze Guards to the desk or table is easy; bottom stabilizing feet can be secured to the desktop or left unsecured for mobility.