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Effective crowd control can be challenging to manage, and it’s essential to have the right School Safety Barriers. Portable Barricades and Crowd Control Stanchions will help you direct indoor or outdoor traffic efficiently and affordably. One of the most popular solutions is our Interlocking Plastic Barricades. Easy to set up and break down, lightweight and durable, these crowd control barriers feature an interlocking design, allowing multiple sections to be linked together to create any length of barrier you need.

Other temporary traffic control barrier solutions include Retractable Belt Stanchion Systems, Cone Barriers, Barrier Safety Tape, and Plastic Chain Barriers that can be added to traffic cones. More indoor solutions include Mobile Folding Security Gates and Portable Pressure Gates. School Fix® Catalog has the products you need to get traffic under control, keep parking lot traffic or hallway crowds organized, and restrict access when needed, quickly and efficiently.

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