How Floor Scratching Solutions Save You Time & Money

Glide products that stop floor scratchingRepairing or replacing flooring in your school is an expensive and time-consuming project. Plus its one that needs to be completed over the summer months, costing the school extra labor and overhead costs. Preventing floor scratching from school furniture keeps maintenance and repair costs down.

Glide products that stop floor scratching are incredibly affordable, not to mention, an easy and fast project for maintenance or custodial staff. When you invest in saving your floors, not only are you saving the maintenance staff from time-intensive labor, but also saving teachers and administrative staff from major disruptions.

You’re also saving the school district a lot of money down the road since your classroom, cafeteria, or gym floors will last much longer without the constant need of repair or worse, new flooring installations.

Your floors look great, let’s keep it that way

Your floor look great, lets keep it that way - shiny, scratch-free classroom floors - stop floor scratchingSo maybe your school has just installed new flooring in classrooms or the cafeteria and you need it to stay looking great and keep it from getting damaged. It’s also possible that your floors are not new but you and your staff have gone to great lengths to maintain the flooring with specialized cleaning and polishing, or maybe you’ve just refinished it and want to make that last.

Whatever the status of your current flooring is, it’s a priority to keep it looking good and to last as long as possible. To keep your floors looking like new, floor scratching solutions are the best option.

How do you stop your furniture from scratching your floors?

How Floor Scratching Solutions Save You Time & Money - Virco chairs in classroomThat’s an excellent question and the answer is furniture glides that will prevent floor scratching. There are many options to choose from including Q-Ball Renewal Glides or Snap-Grip Glide Covers that fit right over the top of your existing glides. There is also our new GlideSocks™ in either soft-fuzz or smooth foam fabric that easily slips over the top of your glides and is held in place with sewn-in elastic banding.

Other ways to stop your furniture from scratching your floors are felt fiber glide caps that also fit onto your existing glides, felt fiber pads that peel and stick right to the bottom of your glide, or nail-on glides with felt for wooden furniture. For folding furniture, there are replacement chair tips or inserts.

An easy & affordable maintenance project

easy and affordable maintenance project - protect floors from furniture during school eventsAll of the solutions above are extremely low-cost and are all available with discounts for large bulk quantities for big jobs. Although the prices for the solutions listed above vary, the average cost per unit is approximately $0.40.

Let's do the math. If you have 250 classroom chairs that you want to add floor protection to, that’s 1,000 chair feet x $0.40 per unit which is a total cost of $400. New flooring or flooring refinishes cost thousands of dollars, so imagine what your saving by implementing these simple solutions.

Now let’s talk about labor. Applying your new floor saving glides is one of the most simple and fast projects your maintenance department can do. Many of our solutions can be done by one person in a matter of minutes for small jobs, or hours for large jobs.

We also have instructional videos that teach you how to install your floor scratching solutions, and you can see just how easy it is to accomplish. We also have information on how to measure glides so you purchase the right fit for your furniture.

We hope you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix Blog. You can also explore our products like our portable barricades, school whiteboards and more!

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