Q-Ball® Renewal Chair Glides


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Q-Ball® Renewal Glides retrofit all existing school furniture, allowing a quiet & scratch-free function. The best alternative to tennis balls for chairs, Q-Ball® Renewal Glides provide you with the flexibility to use furniture on all flooring surfaces such as carpet, VCT tile, traditional tile, & hardwood floors. Consider the versatility that you will have to use the existing furniture in another classroom that may have a different type of flooring. Q-Ball® Renewal Ball Glides requires just seconds of your time to install over your existing Chair Glides permanently! Q-Ball® Renewal Glides are the ultimate floor protectors for chair legs.

  • Designed to Save Floors: Unique Ball Glide Shape reduces surface-to-floor contact by 80%, eliminating floor scratches and grinding noise.
  • Millions in Use Savings are Dramatic: The investment in Q-Ball® Renewal Glides pays for itself quickly, just in floor maintenance savings. In addition, Q-Ball® is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Permanent Installation: Engineered to fit over the existing chair glide. Non-reversing ridges hold the ball securely on the leg.
  • Rubber-like PVC or Felt: Choose from 2 surface options, rubber-like PVC functions with a limited slide. Felt Fiber surface is renewable and functions as an easy-to-slide surface.

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