File Cabinet & Heavy Load Movers

  1. Multi-Purpose 3-Wheel Corner Movers - Set of 4
  2. 4-Wheel Mover Dollies
    As low as $30.45
  3. Rubber Strap-Down Ties
    As low as $31.35
  4. All Welded 4-Wheel File Cabinet & Flat Top Dollies, 1000lb. Capacity
    As low as $146.29
  5. Pull Handle to Fit 774 Mover
  6. 24in.W X 58in. L Wrestling Mat Cart
  7. PVC Coated 4 Wheel Multi-Purpose Mover, 400lb. Capacity
  8. Heavy Duty PVC Coated 4 Wheel Mover Low Boy Design, 1500lb. Capacity
  9. Large Capacity 4-Wheel Mover w/PVC Coated Deck, 1200lb. Capacity
  10. All Steel 3 Wheel Mover, 250lb. Capacity
  11. Large 3 Wheel Mover Sold as Pair, 750lb. Capacity
  12. Tip And Roll File Cabinet Mover, 1000lb. Capacity

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