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Encourage students and staff to ride bikes to school by strategically placing Bike Racks, Stationary Bike Stands, and Bike Holders around your school building. Choose from Traditional School Bike Racks or Modern Loop Bike Racks

Traditional Grid Bike Racks are expandable to almost any length simply by linking racks together. We carry both Single-Sided Grid Bike Racks and Double-Sided Grid J-Frame Bike Racks. The Galvanized Steel Bike Rack construction is designed for heavy use and stays looking great for years. Simple installation and assembly, these Bike Racks can be bolted to concrete, spiked into grass or gravel areas, or left unattached to the ground, allowing the rack to be moved if necessary. 

Contemporary Bike Racks are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors to enhance your school outdoor space. U-Loop Bike Racks are available in single loop, three-loop, five-loop, and seven-loop capacities. Low-Profile Bike Racks, Wave Bike Racks, and Loop Bike Racks can be bolted to concrete with our Bike Rack Anchor or installed in a core drilled hole in the concrete to accept the bike rack tubing.

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