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Anti-Slip Grit Surface Floor Tape can reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries in high-risk areas around your school. Apply Non-Slip Tape on stairs, door entrances, high traffic areas, or areas that can be susceptible to slip and fall hazards. High-Visibility Floor Tapes from SchoolFix® are available in multiple widths and color options, with or without writing, to display a caution or warning message. Choose the optional Floor Tape Application Tool to help you get big jobs done fast.

Vinyl Floor Marking Tape is a popular choice when there is a need to guide students or mark floor areas with different colors. These Marking Tapes are specifically made as a temporary solution to help direct students in a School Gym, Hallway, or Classroom. Vinyl Floor Marking Tapes are residue-free, so no glue will be left on the floor surface when the Floor Tape is lifted up and removed.

Reflective Indoor/Outdoor Marking Tape is a popular solution to increase visibility in School Parking Lots, around Parking Posts and Loading Docks, or anywhere indoors or outdoors that needs increased visibility in all weather conditions. Reflective Marking Tape is sold in 2" wide x 30' foot rolls, with diamond reflective properties to allow maximum reflectivity, simple “Peel and Stick” designs available in many colors and patterns.