Transform Your Furniture: The Ultimate Floor Scratching Solution Guide

Q-Ball Renewal Chair Glides for SchoolsImprove your classrooms by eliminating floor scratching while making floor maintenance easy and affordable. With Q-Ball Renewal Chair Glides, there will be less need for waxing and stripping of floors, not to mention, renewal glides are tough - they'll stay on your chairs and never leave marks.

We've put together this quick guide that gives you a complete overview of our Q-Ball Renewal Glides, a feature comparison of surface types, and additional resources to help you make an informed buying decision.

Q-Ball Renewal Chair Glides

Q-Ball Renewal Glides retro-fit all existing school furniture, allowing for a quiet & scratch-free function. Superior flexibility that will work on all flooring types such as carpet, VCT tile, traditional tile, hardwood, rubber, and concrete. Also, the Q-Ball Renewal Glide requires just a few seconds of your time to permanently install over your existing glides.

The Q-Ball Renewal Glide pays for itself quickly, just in floor maintenance savings, and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Choose from the rubber-like PVC surface for a limited-slide function or the replaceable felt fiber surface for a smooth glide function. We'll compare the two renewal glides next.


The traditional Renewal Glide with rubber-like PVC surface

Q-Ball Renewal Chair Glides - Surface Options - Felt & PVC

  • Features limited slide surface - stops floor scratching based on the reduction of the ability to slide or scooch chairs or desks.
  • No glide removal required - the non-reversible nylon inserts fit right over existing glides and creates a permanent installation.
  • Low-friction base - the base provides for a scratch-free surface-to-floor contact.


The updated Renewal Glide with felt fiber surface

  • Features a molded felt fiber base - the felt surface insert is included and allows furniture to slide. The renewable surface can be changed out for pennies to give a fresh, clean contact to your floor, plus provides an easy-to-slide function.
  • No glide removal required - the non-reversible nylon inserts fit right over existing glides and creates a permanent installation.
  • Molded Felt-Fiber - the base provides for a scratch-free surface-to-floor contact.


Renewal Glide Resources


Educational Videos

Learn more about how Q-Ball Renewal Glides can save your floors & your budget in the video below:

See how easy it is to install Q-Ball Renewal Glides in the video below:

Installation Tools

While Renewal Glides can be installed with no tools, you can make installation easier with our new Renewal Glide Installation Tool. Perfect for larger installation jobs, this tool allows the leverage handles to perform most of the work. The large fork design fits around any tubing.

Click to shop the Q-Ball Renewal Glide Installation Tool - Part No. RT12

Need help? Get the Q-Ball Renewal Glides Installation Instructions - Click to download & print

We hope you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, including replacing toilet partitions, choosing teacher desks, anre more, please visit the School Fix® Blog.

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