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We understand that safety is a top priority at your school; therefore, we have a full line of products designed to keep your staff comfortable and protected while they work. Wearing the appropriate Work Gloves and Safety Glasses when taking on school maintenance will not only help protect you from a workplace injury but having proper safety equipment can also make the job easier. School Fix® Safety Glasses and Gloves are designed to protect you during some of the most common everyday school tasks, as well as most larger projects. Choose from Work Gloves and Safety Glasses styles and sizes to best protect you as you're working.

Protect school students and crossing guards with high-visibility Safety Crossing Guard Equipment that you can rely on in all weather conditions. Choose from high-visibility Reflective Vests, Reflective LED Arm Bands and our popular Flashlight Glow Wands that will help clearly direct foot traffic and protect crossing guards and students.