Chair Leg Tips

  1. Heavy-Duty PVC Chair Leg Tips
    Heavy-Duty PVC Chair Leg Tips
    As low as $0.42
  2. Rubber Chair Tips with Metal Washer
    Rubber Chair Tips with Metal Washer
    As low as $0.56
  3. Rubber Tips with Nylon Cap for Angled or Straight Legs
    Rubber Chair Tips with Nylon Cap
    As low as $0.45
  4. Snap-Grip Chair Glide Cover with Felt FR72 FR73 FR74 FR76
    Snap-Grip™ Glide Cover with Felt
    As low as $1.09
  5. Replacement Glides to Fit Brunswick Brand Chairs & Tables
    Replacement Glides to Fit Brunswick Chairs & Tables
    As low as $0.99
  6. Reinforced Nylon Plastic Chair Tips Floor Savers Floor Savers
    Heavy Duty Nylon Chair Tips
    As low as $0.22
  7. Original Q-Ball Chair Tips Chair Glides Floor Savers
    Original Q-Ball® Chair Glide Tips
    As low as $0.89
  8. Hard Nylon Ball Glide Caps Chair Tips Floor Savers
    Nylon Ball Glide Chair Tips
    As low as $0.50
  9. Reinforced Rubber Crutch Tips with Metal Washer Chair Tips
    Rubber / PVC Crutch Tips
    As low as $0.42
  10. Square Plastic Tips
    Square Plastic Tips
    As low as $0.33
  11. Round Tubing Tips with Nylon Base
    Round Tubing Tips - Nylon Base
    As low as $0.44
  12. Lyon Folding Rubber Chair Tip - Front
    Lyon Folding Chair Front Foot Glide Replacement
    Only $1.95
  13. Lyon Folding Rubber Chair Tip - Back
    Lyon Folding Chair Back Foot Glide Replacement
    Only $1.95
  14. Replacement Chair Tip for Folding Chairs
    Replacement Chair Tip For Folding Chairs
    Only $2.70

Category Details

School Fix® stocks multiple types of Tips for Chair Legs and Furniture Feet Tips fit over existing furniture legs that provide optimal protection from floor scratches and scuffs coming from your school furniture, some popular options include:

  1. Rubber Tips with Rounded Bottom for Angled or Straight Legs - Engineered for heavy use on legs that have an angle to the floor. Rubber material construction with reinforced sidewalls, the rounded bottom allows correct distribution of weight on angled legs so that the tip lasts much longer. Unique nylon reinforcement cap molded into the rubber tip to eliminate potential leg cut through.
  2. Rubber Tips with Flat Bottom for Straight Legs - Engineered for heavy use on legs that are vertical with no angle. The reinforced bottom grips the floor to hold the leg in place. Made from rubber, with a flat reinforced bottom and sidewall to reduce the risk of tearing. A metal washer is molded into the bottom of the tip to eliminate the potential of leg cutting through.
  3. Rubber Tips with Tapered Side Wall for Straight Legs - Traditional tapered sidewall shape, made from a rubber material. The reinforced bottom has a metal washer to reduce the risk of the chair leg cutting through. The reinforced bottom and sidewall of the tip are designed to eliminate potential leg cut-through. Available in two sizes to fit most popular chairs, tables, and desks.