The Best Way to Transport School Chairs & Desks

By Team School Fix® on January 20th, 2022

Moving, stacking, and storage of school furniture can be challenging to say the least. Safety concerns are always at the top of the priority list, along with minimizing the labor and effort to clear out school desks and chairs from a classroom or setting up folding chairs and tables for school events.

Buy Carts, Movers, and Dollies for Schools for the 2022 School YearBuy Carts, Movers, and Dollies for Schools for the 2022 School Year

Choose the right mover for the job!

Safe, efficient, and compact storage of your most frequently used school furniture is essential. School Fix® stocks everything you'll need to move all types of school furniture and equipment safely. We carry unique dollies, carts, and movers made specifically for the school market and engineered to make it easier for maintenance staff to set up, break down, and transport school furniture with minimal effort and maximum safety. Choosing the best type of movers for your school largely depends on your transporting needs. This can be a wide variety of objects in schools, from stacking chairs to file cabinets.

1) Universal Multi-Purpose Movers >

PVC Coated 4-Wheel Multi-Purpose Mover (Part No. 72MJ)

School Fix® offers several 4-wheel movers that work well as a general all-purpose dolly or cart. Unique designs are engineered to have a large load capacity of 300lbs and a low center of gravity, which reduces labor and increases the stability of the furniture. The Model 72MJ has 2-1/2" diameter casters, and the Model 82JJ has 3" diameter casters. Both feature a steel deck with a non-slip PVC coating to hold the load secure.

Multi-Purpose 3-Wheel Corner Movers (Part No. 49JJ)

The 3-Wheel Corner Movers are a popular mover for use on desks and cabinets. Its low-profile design minimizes lifting when loading the desk or cabinet onto the mover. Large capacity design measures 11" x 15-1/2" and has 1-3/4" heavy-duty swivel casters to swivel and roll away heavy loads easily. One of the three casters has a brake to hold the cargo in place. Durable all-steel construction can hold 300lbs+ each, and the non-slip PVC coating keeps cargo secure and prevents marring of the furniture.

2) Teacher Desk & Large Workstation Movers >

School Desk Lifter & Mover (Part No. 338/334)

Our School Desk Lifter and Mover allows you to quickly move heavy wood or steel double pedestal desks without having to empty drawers or clear the top. Simply slide the desk lift under the desk pedestal and use the lever handle to lift the desk. The double-locking arm automatically locks in the raised position to ensure maximum safety. The rubber-coated finish is non-marring, chip-resistant, and protects furniture. Simply lift, lock, and roll furniture wherever you need it with ease.

Additional attachments, such as the Table & Computer Desk Mover Attachment or the Single Drawer Desk Lift Mover Attachment can be placed on the mover to safely move desks with drawers on one side or activity tables. Quality features include superior all-steel construction, heavy-duty swivel casters, and a non-slip PVC top deck coating to hold furniture in place while in transit.

Narrow Desk Lifter & Mover (Part No. 329)

The Narrow Desk Lifter and Mover is designed to fit desks with drawers and bases that go all the way to the floor. One person can quickly move desks without emptying contents. The adjustable side arms fit chair openings from 26-1/2" wide up to 38" wide, plus the side arms will fit against the toe-kick under the desk's drawers. The non-slip PVC-coated surface will hold the desk secure while moving.

Other features include the leverage lift handle that lifts the top deck and the desk and can be easily removed, allowing the user to simply push on the desk to roll it away. The double-locking forks hold the top deck secure in an upright position. This dolly has four heavy-duty, rubber wheel swivel casters that allow smooth movement.

3) School Chair Movers >

Student Chair & Desk Lift Mover (Part No. 97JJ)

This Chair and Desk Lift Mover is designed to fit under and support all types of school desks and stacking chairs. The "tip and roll" action efficiently and safely moves away student desks, book box desks, and stacking chairs with ease. Simply raise or lower the height of the supporting forks with the locking height adjustment handle. The support forks will make contact with the underside of the desk or chair, allowing for a smooth tip-back motion so the furniture can be rolled away. The large 8" steel-hub wheels make a smooth and quiet move on tile or carpet. The wheel fenders prevent the chair or desk leg from striking the wheel, and a non-slip front lift support bar holds the furniture in place.

Tip & Roll Stacking Chair Dolly (Part No. 620T)

Moving around and stacking school chairs to store them can be overwhelming, to say the least. The Model 620T can help immensely with that labor-intensive task. The 620T Chair Cart has a simple, heavy-duty design that safely slides underneath the bottom chair on the stack, allowing the user to tilt the dolly back and roll the stack of chairs away. The dual 8" diameter wheels provide additional stability when in transit and reduce the risk of side-to-side tipping when loaded with chairs. The angle of the cart frame allows the chair stack to rest safely against the cart. Simply tip the 620T Chair Dolly forward to release the chair stack and pull the cart away. The ergonomic easy-grip handle is designed to reduce fatigue.

4) Folding Chair Movers >

Double Tier Hanging Folding Chair Cart (Part No. 984T)

Folding chair setup and breakdowns for events can be very time-consuming. Having the correct cart to move the chairs closer to the setup area will save a lot of time, labor, and steps! The 984T Folding Chair Cart solves the problem of folding chair storage and transport. This high-capacity chair storage cart can hold up to 84 standard folding chairs, and the 4" wheels provide a smooth ride to the setup location. The thick gauge steel forks are angled to support folding chairs in a safe storage position but allow easy removal for a faster setup. When loaded, this cart will fit through most standard doorways. Other models are available to hold a combination of tables and chairs, or we also offer a smaller, more compact cart that holds up to 28 folding chairs.

5) Folding Table Movers >

XL Panel & Table Mover with Divider (Part No. 3585)

Transporting folding tables to a setup location is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Having the best folding table cart is going to save a lot of labor, as well as decrease personal safety concerns. The Model 3585 Table Cart features a traditional design with a large capacity to hold up to eight round or rectangular folding tables. Its low center of gravity makes removing the tables easier and is safe to use as a reliable storage cart. Large 5" x 2" wheels have brakes to hold the cart in position when needed. The Model 3585 Mover measures 27-1/2" wide to fit easily through most standard doorways.

National Public Seating Table Assist Dolly (Part No. TAD48)

This unique National Public Seating Folding Table Cart can hold up to 10 folding tables. This table mover is designed to allow the user to simply and efficiently tip tables on or off the cart, with the legs unfolded, to make the process much easier, with a dramatic reduction in lifting required. Two casters have brakes to hold TAD48 in place, making it the perfect solution for table storage.

8 Table Roll-Away Mover (Part No. JJ864)

The 8 Table Roll-Away Mover allows you to easily transport and store up to eight rectangular tables or sheet material with dramatically reduced back strain. Just three easy steps, tip table edge on to cart, fold legs together, roll-away up to eight tables at a time! The casters measure 5" x 2" and are non-marring, with a total load capacity of 1500lbs. The no-tip angled top deck leans your heavy folding tables or sheet material against the 36" high safety rail to provide a safe, no-tip solution for your transport and storage needs. All surfaces include a super heavy-duty textured, scratch-resistant surface to last a lifetime.

Table and Sheet Panel Mover (Part No. 68JJ)

The Model 68JJ Mover is engineered as a sheet materials or table mover, and many customers rely on this dolly when moving all kinds of material. 5-1/2" wide PVC coated top platform has a 14-1/2" wide wheelbase for added stability and is supported by 7" steel hub rubber wheels for smooth operation. The safety hooks help hold the sheet material secure, and the ergonomic handle lets the user stay in a walking position without struggling to keep sheet cargo in an upright position.

6) File Cabinet & Heavy Object Movers >

Tip & Roll File Cabinet Mover (Part No. 56JJ)

The heavy-duty tip and roll-away design of this File Cabinet Mover helps to minimize effort when moving file cabinets. Simply tip the file cabinet back, then slide the mover underneath the raised side. When lowering the file back down again, the heavy load mover's rear wheels operate as the pivot point, allowing the cabinet simply to roll away. The front swivel casters make steering easy so that the file cabinet can be put into its final position. The heavy-duty non-marring PVC coating holds the file cabinets secure and reduces the risk of scratching or marring cabinets.

Let School Fix® Help!

Many school furniture transportation and storage solutions can be implemented into your facility’s plan, but if you’re on a tight budget and need carts, movers, and dollies that are affordable and dependable, look no further - there’s a School Fix® product to fit your needs! We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products or solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog.

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