Work Smarter, Not Harder with School Furniture Movers

Gearing up for large school maintenance projects is a big job and one that may require moving classroom chairs, desks, cabinets, and other furniture. Movers specifically designed for school furniture make moving projects manageable, protect the floors and the furniture, and get the job done easier and faster. We have put together a list of our most popular school furniture movers, including instructional videos for each product below.

Model 620T: Stacking Chair Dolly

Effortlessly move Stacking Chairs with the Model 620T: Universal Stack Chair Mover. This large capacity cart safely moves up to 12 chairs at a time and the simple "tip and roll" design minimizes potential back strain.

Each 620T cart comes standard with dual 8" diameter steel hub wheels on each side for increased stability when transporting chairs. The durable square tubing construction is engineered to last a lifetime! Fits most brands of school stacking chairs.  See our video for more information!



Model 97JJ: Student Desk Lifter & Mover

Easily move student desks or stacking chairs with the Model 97JJ: Stack Chair and Student Desk Cart. This mover comes equipped with a durable PVC coated lift mechanism that can be adjusted to fit any type of classroom desk or student stack chair. The large 7” rubber-on-steel hub wheels provide smooth and stable roll away movement.

To use, simply slide the extension arms under the front of the desktop or the back of the stack chairs. Then adjust the extension arms to fit snugly under the desk or chair, tip back & roll away. See the video now!



Model 338: Versatile Desk Lifter and Mover

Turn a three-person job into a one-person job with the Model 338: Versatile Desk Lifter and Mover from Mover Jack. This cart provides simple and safe desk transportation without the back strain! One person can easily lift a heavy desk with the leverage handle, the desk mover locks into the upright lifted position, allowing the user to easily roll the desk away on the four heavy-duty swivel casters.

Attachments are available to fit desks with drawers on one side (338DT), or desks with no drawers at all (338TA), making this mover versatile enough to fit almost every school desk or workstation! In our video, we’ll show you how easy it really is!



Model 45JJ: Versa Furniture Mover

The Model 45JJ: Versa Furniture Movers are the simplest, safest way to move heavy material. The movers provide a large weight capacity for any size moving project. The heavy rubber-like PVC coated surface protects items being moved and holds the load securely in place. A tapered hole in the center of the mover holds the furniture leg in the correct (centered) position, reducing the need to potentially reposition the mover while in use.

This cart is great for moving teacher desks and other bulky school furniture such as file cabinets or pianos. Watch how simple these movers are to use!



Our movers and carts were designed specifically for moving school furniture and making large transports easy and safe for personnel while protecting floors and furniture from damage. This guide highlights four popular furniture movers, but we offer a vast selection of movers that help make moving furniture smarter, not harder. Click to shop our entire line of school furniture movers and carts today. 

We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products, or about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix Blog, or explore our collections of products, we have everything from chair glides to locker parts.

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