Stacking Chair Dolly vs. Student Desk Lifter Mover: Which is Best for You?

Have a large floor maintenance project coming up and need to move a lot of chairs and student desks? Are you just one person but need to relocate this furniture to get the job done? Maybe you just need to cut down on the time you spend relocating furniture to clean the floors?

Our two most popular school furniture movers, the Stacking Chair Dolly and the Student Desk Lifter & Mover, are great choices for one-person classroom furniture moving jobs. Not sure which will be best for you? Our guide below will compare these two movers and help you make an informed decision.

Stacking Chair Dolly or Chair Mover Part No. 620TUse Leverage to Tip-N-Roll Away Stacking Chairs

One of our most popular furniture movers, the Stacking Chair Dolly (620T), is perfect for one-person jobs. Easy to use, just simply roll the dolly under up to 12 stacked chairs, then tip and roll away. Made of steel, this durable and sturdy chair mover has a 250-pound capacity. The dual 8in. steel hub wheels provide the extra stability needed during movement while the rubber-coated handle provides comfort during transportation.

  • Material: Steel
  • Front Support Bar Height: 15in.
  • Total Width: 14-1/2in.
  • Wheels: 8in. Diameter
  • Capacity: 250lbs

Although the Stacking Chair Dolly only moves stacked chairs, it will fit more chairs than most dollies, with ease, and fits most brands of school stacking chairs. To learn more, see the videos below or shop now:


Student Chair and Desk Lifter and Mover Part No. 97JJTip & Roll Stack Chair & Student Desk Mover

Another popular furniture mover, the Stack Chair & Student Desk Lifter & Mover (97JJ), is an excellent choice for heavy-duty, one-person jobs. Relocating and lifting student desks, stacking chairs, and many new utility tables is easy with this versatile mover.

Features include a single handle with rubber comfort grip and fingertip control, rugged steel construction, and a rubber-coated fork that protects and secures the load. The adjustable height locking fork fits chairs or desks. This mover has a 200-pound capacity and includes dual 7in. steel hub wheels.

  • Load Capacity: 200lbs
  • Dimensions: 26in. x 46in.
  • Wheels: Non-Marring 7in.
  • Material: Steel
  • Non-Skid, Adjustable Fork

Although this mover may not be able to move 12 chairs at once, it can accommodate other furniture such as student desks & new style utility tables. To learn more, see the videos below or shop now:


More Information You Need to Know

The Stacking Chair Dolly is a larger investment between these two movers, but both movers do offer a quantity discount when you purchase three or more, or six or more, of either mover. 

Your overall moving needs will greatly influence your decision when choosing a mover to purchase and should be considered carefully. We hope this guide was helpful. Click here to see, and shop, all of our most popular classroom furniture movers. Be sure to check out the Product Video sections to see select movers in action.

We hope this guide has been helpful. To read more about our products or about solutions to common school maintenance concerns visit the School Fix Blog. We have everything from chair glides to locker parts.


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