Cafeteria Replacement Stools

We Have Everything You Need to Fix-Up Existing Cafeteria Furniture

Cafeteria Table Replacement Stool Seats are available to fit lunchroom tables made by the most popular folding cafeteria table manufacturers. Choose factory original Replacement Stool Tops from Virco, National Public Seating (NPS), Krueger (KI), Biofit, and Amtab, or choose our Universal Replacement Stool Tops that are engineered to fit most cafeteria table brands. Replacing old stool tops will add new life to your existing cafeteria tables and increase safety and comfort.

Universal Replacement Stool Caps are available in Flat or Cone Style Tops. Both Flat and Cone Style Stool Tops are manufactured to the highest quality specifications, and the universal design fits most cafeteria table brands. High-quality HDPE Plastics are incorporated in the cross-braced design to resist breakage and fading and are secured into place with Axle Bolt and Locking Nut (Cone Style) or Self-Tapping Screws (Flat Style), so no drilling is required for installation. Both Cone Style and Flat Style Stool Tops are backed by an industry-leading Stool Cap® Limited 10 Year Warranty. We recommend that all stool tops be inspected often, whether they are our universal replacement or the original equipment, to ensure they are secured properly, in good shape, and functioning safely. Give it the "twist test" and take a look underneath stools to ensure they are secured properly and pass your inspection.

  1. Virco® Cone Style Stool Tops
    As low as $31.60
  2. Sico Cone Style Stool Tops
    As low as $61.45
  3. 5/8in. Thick Solid Plastic Universal Stool Top
    As low as $14.25
  4. Sico Cone Style Stool Tops for Square Tubing
    As low as $61.45
  5. NPS Cone Style Stool Caps
    As low as $18.55
  6. AmTab® Brand Cone Style Stool Tops for Square Tubing
    As low as $59.85
  7. Universal Cone Style Stool Caps
    As low as $16.50
  8. Universal Flat Style Stool Caps
    As low as $11.50
  9. Replacement Stool Cap fits Palmer Hamilton Brand
    As low as $14.25
  10. Insert For Universal Stool Tops to Fit 13/16in. Square Tube
  11. Krueger Flat Style Stool Tops
    As low as $17.50

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