5 School Repair Projects to Start NowGet a Head Start on Summer: 5 Repair Projects You Can Start Now

During these unique times we're facing, it's been especially difficult for schools. With many states deciding that students not return until fall or others who do not know when they will be returning, facility managers are faced with questions on what to do in the meantime.

If possible, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to start summer projects early. Facility or maintenance managers may find they have time for projects that they thought they would have to do during school due to lack of time over the summer months.

In case you need to revise your maintenance projects for summer, we've put together a list of projects you can start on now. Our guide includes project ideas, from furniture renovation to swing set repairs, to provide you with some inspiration. Don't let this extra time go to waste; check off those projects that you've been putting off.

#1. Renovate Classroom or Facility Furniture

Renovate classroom furniture in schoolsOne of the biggest issues schools face is whether to buy new furniture or renovate existing furniture. The driving factor is typically the size of the budget. If your school cannot afford to replace old furniture with brand new, then renovation becomes the next best option. However, finding affordable, high-quality replacement parts for school furniture can be a challenge.

At School Fix® Catalog, we pride ourselves on providing well crafted, value-priced furniture parts for schools. From replacement chair seats and desktops, cafeteria table parts and chair glides, we have what you need. We carry furniture replacement parts that will fit most brands as well as brand-name parts.

Find the furniture renovation parts you need:


Complete locker repairs or upgrades#2. Complete Locker Repairs or Upgrades

Is your school closed? If yes, then now is the perfect time to complete locker repairs and upgrades. The work of replacing broken locker parts is pretty straightforward, but finding the parts you need can be a challenge, depending on your brand and age of your locker. This is where we can help.

Our large inventory of locker repair parts is made specifically to fit the most popular locker brands, including Republic, Penco, Lyon, Medart, Worley and Interior. We also offer universal locker parts that are designed to fit any brand locker, such as locker number plates, hooks, and locks.

If your school has the budget, you could also begin replacing your old lockers with new or renovating your locker rooms. We offer new, brand name lockers for hallways or athletics. Fix-up, or add new, locker room benches. We have replacement benchtops and three types of pedestals to choose from, or several new bench options.

Find what you need for locker repairs or upgrades:


Fix up toilet partitions and upgrade restroom accessories#3. Fix Up Toilet Partitions & Upgrade Restroom Accessories

Another project that is much easier to accomplish when school is closed is repairing and upgrading your facility or school restrooms. From replacement partition doors, panels, and pilaster to replacement hardware and dispensers, you can fix your restrooms with ease.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, your school may also be considering upgrading restrooms to become touch-free. We also offer solutions to help you convert to a no-touch restroom experience.

Find what you need for restroom and toilet partition renovations:


#4. Update or Repair Classroom Teaching Tools

Update or repair classroom teaching toolsWe understand the importance of an inviting and efficient learning environment. Now is a great time to upgrade your classrooms with teaching tools and accessories and make needed repairs.

Display important documents and showcase students’ work on cork strips. Install durable whiteboards or retro-fit existing chalkboards to whiteboard surfaces. Accessorize with dry erase markers, marker cleaner, and erasers. Repair your existing manual pencil sharpeners with replacement parts, replace or add atomic and quartz clocks, or update bulletin boards or cork displays with replacement cork.

Find what you need for classroom accessory upgrades:


School outdoor repairs and upgrades#5. Don't Forget Outdoor Repairs & Upgrades

Make sure your students and staff have comfortable and functional outdoor spaces on your school grounds. Consider placing thermoplastic or recycled plastic picnic tables and benches outdoors to allow people to enjoy the weather and relax outside.

Designed with safety in mind, our commercial-grade swing set hardware and replacement swing seats are made for comfort but can also withstand the roughest conditions. Make repairs to your existing equipment with best-in-quality swing set hardware and accessories, plus get the tools you need to maintain your swing sets. Installation is simple so fix up your old swing set equipment and make it shiny and new again.

Direct traffic flow and regulate your parking lot efficiently with maintenance equipment and supplies. Use speed bumps to slow driving speeds and increase pedestrian safety. Refresh the school parking lot with stencils and paint, and outdoor signs including signposts and hardware. Prepare for traffic organization with portable signs, delineators, cones, and temporary barriers.

Find what you need for outdoor repairs and upgrades:


There are plenty of projects beyond this list that your school can do to get a head start on summer. Whether your school needs to make repairs to furniture or renovate locker rooms or restrooms, we can supply any project you take on. 

We hope that you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog.


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