How to Renovate Your Cafeteria Tables (& Save Your School Money)

How to Renovate Cafeteria Tables - Finished tablesBuying new cafeteria tables & seating is a big expense. For many school districts, it can be difficult to acquire funding for high dollar furniture. For major purchases such as these, it’s important that the new furniture will be highly durable, lasting 15 to 30 years, therefore making the wrong buying decisions could prove to be even more costly. Another consideration when purchasing new cafeteria furniture is lead times. It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks, or longer, which proves to be difficult if there are time constraints. Renovating and updating your cafeteria tables can save the school a lot of time and money.

New-looking, well-kept cafeteria tables & seating helps students & visitors have pride in their school. Matching furnishing colors to school colors also contribute to school spirit. If you’re looking to give your cafeteria a fresh look, you should consider renovating the existing tables. Choosing this route saves the school time and money. Not only will the school not have the large expense of buying new, but it also allows the existing furniture to last for years to come, saving money long term. How to Renovate Your Cafeteria Tables & Save Your School MoneyRenovation projects can be completed quickly and efficiently without causing major disruptions.

To help guide you through the buying process for cafeteria table renovation parts, we put together this cheat sheet of the replacement parts we offer including highlights, video, and links to product listings.

Cafeteria Table Replacement Parts


  • Renovated Cafeteria Tables with New Stool SeatingStool Caps - Stool Cap brand cafeteria table stool tops have been developed to exceed the original manufacturers’ design quality and fit most cafeteria brands with one universal design. Made from the highest quality HDPE plastics they resist breakage from normal everyday usage. Choose from our Universal Cone Style Stool Caps or Universal Flat Style Stool Caps. Other brands available are Virco, Sico, Palmer-Hamilton, Krueger, National Pubilc Seating, & AmTab.

  • Choose Your Style of Stool Cap - Cone or FlatTable Tops - Our rectangular replacement table tops are available with a Particle Board core or an MDF Fiberboard core, both with a minimum of 3/4in. thickness (MDF core is also available in 1-1/4in. thickness), as well as 4 sizes and a variety of colors. Other shapes available include Square, Half-Round & Half-Hexagon.

  • Bench Seats - The replacement cafeteria table benchtops are 3/4 in. thick with Particleboard core and are available with a standard T-Mold Edging or Armor Edging for additional durability. Also available with an MDF core and Armor Edging. 

  • Safety Latch - Replacement top safety latch for built-in cafeteria tables. The safety latch holds the table in the upright position.

  • Lock Rod Assembly - The replacement table lock rod assembly is designed for Scheiber tables.

  • Universal Stool Cap Highlights DiagramCasters - The durable Midwest Cafeteria Table Replacement Stem Caster is threaded for easy installation & measures 4in. x 1-3/8in. with a 3/4in. x 3/8in. stem. Heavy-duty plate top casters are also available and come in 4in., 5in., or 6in. wheel diameters, swivel or non-swivel, & with or without brakes.

  • Table Edging - Replacement T-Mold Edging is installed on the edges of tables to eliminate sharp edges and corners and make for a more comfortable environment. Constructed of impact-resistant, flexible, polyethylene to make this a durable and easy to install option. Comes in a 250ft. roll. with a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

Watch Our Quick Stool Cap Installation Video & See How Easy It Is


We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products, or about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, including replacing toilet partitions, choosing teacher desks,  and more, please visit the School Fix Blog.


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