4 Easy Solutions to Improve Your School's Security Today

By Team School Fix® on October 19th, 2021

"Schools exist not only to educate and prepare the next generation to join the workforce but to do so in an environment that is safe and secure for all students and staff alike. Safe learning starts with school security..."

Prevent Unwanted Entry with Door Security ProductsPrevent Unwanted Entry with Door Security Products

The ability to protect assets, lives, privacy, and learning, makes security a top priority for schools and facilities of all sizes. Your school’s budget may not have room for expensive, advanced security devices, but you can still increase the security of your building while staying within your budget. We at School Fix® have assembled a list of a few quick and cost-effective solutions that you can implement TODAY to keep out of harm’s way.

Maximize Door Security with Security Latch™

One common area of concern is the security of facility entrances and exits. Security Latch™ Door Security Bars are an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution that will add an extra layer of security to your facility entrance, exit, or interior doors. Security Latch™ Door Bars are designed to increase your building’s security and improve its safety by reinforcing weak doors while reducing the potential of break-ins and burglaries.

For many years there have been concerns about it being virtually impossible for easy exit of a building due to locks and chains being used to secure panic doors. These concerns are what brought about the idea of the Security Latch™. Our Door Bars were created as a tool for school administrators, civic leaders, and business professionals to provide a safe way to secure panic doors in their facilities. Security Latch™ has the unique ability to secure panic doors tightly while allowing immediate exit without the use of keys combinations and tools. Security Latch™ is a responsible investment in both protection and safety for your facility. 

Security Latch™ eliminates chain locking exits, allowing occupants inside the building to lock down exit and interior doors by simply placing a Security Bar between the door hardware and frame. Security Latch™ is a simple, safe, and secure method used to add extra security to your panic doors.

Simple: Easy to install and remove. For Standard Model Latches, simply insert your latch between two panic doors. For Mount Model Latches, simply fast the mounting cups to your door and insert the latch. For removal on all Security Latch™ Models, simply lift the bar to exit from inside of the building.

Safe: When you are looking to prevent break-ins and burglaries, Security Latch™ is the best solution for reinforcing your doorways. It allows occupants within the building to easily secure panic doors without using chains or padlocks. The Security Latch™ is versatile and can be used in your school, facility, office, or any other building with a panic door.

Secure: Security Latch™ fits snug and secure on most panic doors, effectively stopping unwarranted entry.

No-Latch Door Magnet by Security Latch™

You may come across situations in your school where ease of access to a classroom is necessary to maintain the flow of foot traffic during class lessons or passing times while still maintaining the ability to lock doors in seconds. Our Security Latch™ No-Latch Door Magnet is the perfect solution for these scenarios. Teachers love this simple solution to allow students to easily enter the classroom without unlocking the door. Simply place the No-Latch Magnet over the latch strike plate to prevent the door latch from engaging. Since the latch is not engaged, the door can be opened freely without using the exit device. When lockdown-type situations arise, the magnet can be quickly and easily removed to restore regular door operation.

Portable Barricades, Belt Systems, and Folding Gates

Whether managing foot traffic in your school during school hours or after-school events, the correct style of barricade can help to cordon off areas that should not be accessible. Usually, a physical barrier is enough. Our 40” high Portable and Linkable Barricade can be set up in large areas to direct visitors, students, and staff to Gymnasiums, Cafeterias, or Auditoriums, while physically discouraging them from wandering around the school. These barricades are weighted for stability and can be linked together to create virtually any length. They can be placed in shapes and patterns to fit your building.

Another popular barricade option is our Weighted Belt Strap Stanchions. These Nylon Belt Barricade Systems are a popular solution for light traffic control and line forming in cafeterias and office spaces. The design is simple and durable. The Nylon Strap is 84” long and has a spring-loaded retractable belt control mechanism supported by a 12 lb weighted base and steel stanchion pole construction. Individual Belt Stanchions can be linked together to create any length.

For the most secure type of barricade, look no further than our Folding Gates with several styles available. All Folding Gates feature all-steel construction and wheels for easy mobility.

Pressure Lock Gates apply pressure to the sidewalls and integrate a locking stabilizer bar to hold them securely in place. They are a popular solution for blocking off hallways to eliminate unwanted foot traffic from entering restricted areas. 

Another popular choice is our Wall-Mounted Folding Gates that attach to the walls. The hinge attachment keeps the gate at the location it is installed in but allows it to fold away safely when not in use. This style of folding is the best solution for areas that require frequent use of a barricade.

Security Signs and Decals

Strategically placed Security Signs and Decals from School Fix® can help to improve school security by reinforcing rules and policies regarding visitors, directing traffic to and away from areas, and clearly marking restricted zones. Our Decals can easily be placed on glass or steel surfaces and customized to create virtually any message needed. Permanent peel and stick design can be easily installed with no tools required, which makes our door security stickers and decals a simple way to improve school security.

Aluminum Property & Grounds Security Signs from School Fix® are explicitly designed to direct school visitors and clearly display safety and security concerns surrounding every school. All of our school signs are made with quality and durable construction and are available in 0.063” or 0.080” thick aluminum with integrated U.V. inhibitors to resist fading and stay looking new. Each sign comes with 5/16” pre-drilled holes for a hassle-free installation.

Many security measures can be implemented in your facility security plan, but if you’re on a tight budget and need school security that’s quick & easy, look no further - there’s a School Fix® product to fit your needs! We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products or about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog.

School Safety & Security ProductsSchool Safety & Security Products
School Safety & Security Products

Security Latch Door BarsSecurity Latch Door Bars
Security Latch™ Door Bars

1) Fire Safety → Secures Panic Doors without chains or padlocks and allows immediate exit from a building.

2) Time Saver → Simple installation and removal process.

3) Low Cost → An average building can be equipped with Security Latch™ for less than the insurance deductible incurred as the result of a break-in.

No-Latch Door Magnet by Security LatchNo-Latch Door Magnet by Security Latch
No-Latch Door Magnet

Portable Barricades, Belt Systems, & Folding GatesPortable Barricades, Belt Systems, & Folding Gates
Portable Barricades, Belt Systems, & Folding Gates

Security Signs and DecalsSecurity Signs and Decals
Security Signs and Decals
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