How to Choose the Right School Clocks in 2023

By Team School Fix® on June 15, 2021

Self-Adjusting Atomic Clocks compared to Manual Adjusting Quartz Clocks What’s something that’s always around you but nearly impossible to find? Time. In today’s bustling society, every day can be a struggle to complete even the simplest of tasks. It takes sufficient promptness and preparation. That’s why it’s so important to always have consistent and accurate clocks throughout your school; we at School Fix® are here to help.

Double-Faced School Clocks for Hallway Use

Self-Adjusting Clocks vs. Manual Adjusting Clocks

A Self-Adjusting Clock helps Teachers and Administration to plan activities accordingly and run efficient classrooms by providing a consistent time in all areas of the school. 

Self-Adjusting Clocks are also much less demanding on the maintenance side as they receive signals multiple times per day and automatically adjust to daylight savings time so that you can get the correct time, all the time, without the hassle of manual adjustment.

Not only does staff benefit from a Self-Adjusting Clock, but students as well. It has never been more vital for kids to learn strong organizational and punctuality skills, and that starts with a proper functioning clock. A dependable time clock will cause less tardiness because of inconsistent times and will actually provide a substantial educational benefit due to less time lost in the classroom. 

In fact, if a student were one minute late to each class for a year, it would equate to something like this:

180 Days (Average US School Year)

6.64 Hours (Average US School Day)

6.64 Minutes (Lost Per Day) x 180 Days (Average US School Year) = 19.92 Hours (Lost Per Year)

That’s around THREE Full Days of School!

Digital Clocks for Your School in 2023

School Fix® offers a variety of Self Adjusting School Clocks to fit your classrooms, hallways, gyms, and anywhere else where time is of the essence. Some examples include:

The X-Wave Atomic Clock is a high visibility clock that receives a signal from the government several times per day and automatically adjusts to daylight savings time and then back to standard time so that your time is always correct! The X-Wave Atomic Clock is available with a 14” Clock Face (X72)16” Clock Face (X87), or as a 16” Double-Faced Clock (X90) perfect for school hallway use. 

The X-Wave Military Style Atomic Clock is a high visibility clock that also receives a government signal several times per day. No adjustments are needed! The clock face displays the time in 24-hour increments. The X-Wave Military Style Atomic Clock is also available with a 14” Clock Face (X74), 16” Clock Face (X89), or as a 16” Double-Faced Clock (X92) ideal for school hallway use.

Analog Clocks to teach kids time with a clock in seconds

Analog Clocks vs. Digital Clocks

One of the biggest debates in recent years has been the effectiveness of Analog Clocks in schools. It seems like every day; there is a new article online about how schools are removing analog clocks from classrooms and replacing them with digital clocks because students do not know how to read them.

Sure it’s important to acquire the time as fast as possible, especially during exams and timed tasks. But we do not believe it warrants a complete removal of analog clocks as kids will still have to know how to read an analog clock at some point in their life. Isn’t that the sole purpose of schools? To adequately prepare children for the real world. 

This is why School Fix® supports a combination of both Analog Clocks and Digital Clocks in the classroom. Analog Clocks assist in teaching students key concepts of time such as minutes in an hour, clock handing, and phrases such as “quarter to” which are essential to learn early on in education. Digital Clocks provide a clear and easily acquired time and are perfect for classroom use, especially during timed activities. A proper combination of these two types of clocks in the classroom will ensure your students are sufficiently prepared for the real world and eliminate any frustrations due to time discrepancies. 

School Fix® stocks multiple styles of Analog and Digital Clocks to effectively promote punctuality, such as:

The X-Wave Digital Clock with 4” Red LED Display (X98) can be wall-mounted or simply set on top of your desk or workstation. Featuring an AM and PM indicator, Celcius and Farhenheit modes, multiple alarm sets, and a 12 or 24-hour setting. The Digital Clock comes standard with a wall plug, wireless remote for long-range operation, and an optional battery backup (batteries not included). The X-Wave Digital Clock is available in one size that measures 12-¼” L x 6-½” H x 1¾” D.

The X-Wave Quartz Clock is a high visibility Manual Adjustment Clock, providing you with the perfect time teaching tool. These Quartz Clocks feature all-black time hands and a shatterproof clock face to protect them from impact. They can be used as Wall-Mounted Clocks or as Wireless Clocks making them some of the most reliable and easy to install on the market. The X-Wave Quartz Clock is also available as a 14” Clock (X66), 16” Clock (X83) or as a 16” Double-Faced Clock (X94) perfect for school hallway use.

Protect Clocks from Impact Damage with School Fix's Universal Clock Guard

How to Protect Your School Clocks

Once you’ve chosen your new school clocks, it is vital to find the right impact protection products to cover them. School Fix® stocks multiple types of Wire Guards and Protective Cages to protect your school clocks.

One available option is the Universal Clock Guard (CCD144), made of 6-gauge Zinc-plated Steel wire that resists damage from impacts. This Wire Guard is compatible with round wall clocks with a 16” diameter or less. The clock guard opens from the front, providing easy access for maintenance. This Universal Wire Guard works great with any of our round wall-mounted X-Wave Clocks and will provide ample protection in the gym, cafeteria, hallway, or any other high traffic areas.

Also available is the Multi-Purpose Wire Guard (ELG2025), which is also constructed from heavy-duty 6-gauge Steel wire. This Wire Guard is compatible with our X-Wave Digital Clock and will universally work with any other clock that fits the dimensions of (17” W x 10” H x 4” D).


Time is more than just a number; in today’s world, it is more of a measurement of productivity. This is exactly why you should provide your students with the best learning tools, teaching environments, and lessons of punctuality that they can carry on into the real world in order to be productive members of society.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog, or explore our collections of products. We have everything from chair and desk glides to parking lot barricades and even whiteboards!


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