Why Improving Outdoor Spaces is Important to Your School's Reputation

update playgrounds, pathways, and recreational areasWhile it’s always a good idea to make sure your school’s campus is in great shape, the majority of upgrades, renovations, and repairs happen inside the school. However, if your outdoor spaces are run down, it can hurt the school’s reputation.

The condition of your school campus, from parking lots to playgrounds, matters because it’s the first thing anyone sees, and the school, as well as the community, will be judged on its appearance. This is why it’s important to improve your school’s outdoor spaces.

When your school campus is well-maintained with eye-catching landscaping and equipment, it can not only raise the interest level of the school, it also creates an environment that students, families, and the community want to be a part of. However, “curb appeal” isn’t the only reason to have attractive outdoor spaces. (2)

Transform your outdoor spaces with outdoor furniture”Along with being aesthetically pleasing, studies have shown that a school’s well-maintained landscaping and grounds can improve grades, attract enrollees, and help add to a campus’s safety.” (2) In this article, we’ll discuss key areas that need to be included in your plan to improve outdoor spaces, and the equipment and supplies you need to accomplish upgrades and repairs for those areas.

Update your playgrounds, pathways, and recreational areas

One of the quickest ways that can transform your outdoor spaces is with furniture including picnic tables and benches. Outdoor Furniture will not only enhance your school, but it will allow students and staff to have comfortable and functional outdoor space to collaborate, study, or simply for eating outside to enjoy the weather. Make sure your playgrounds, walking paths, and other recreational areas have adequate seating available.

 affordable, high-quality swing set partsAlong with seating, add attractive, weather-resistant outdoor trash receptacles to help keep these areas clean and stay looking nice. Mesh Steel Trash Receptacles are affordable and attractive, which are just a couple of reasons why we love them. To learn more about these popular outdoor receptacles, check out this guide

Bike racks are another great addition to these areas. Not only will this encourage students and staff to ride bikes to school but it will keep them organized and secure. Choose from traditional bike racks or modern loop-style bike racks, both of which are functional and attractive.  We have many options for you to choose from, so we’ve put together this bike rack guide to help you make an informed purchase.

Making necessary repairs and upgrades to your playground is a great way to improve the school's outdoor space. We have affordable, high-quality swing set parts that are reliable, secure, and long-lasting which make repairs fast and simple. Easily make repairs to your existing playground equipment with best-in-quality swing set seats, chain, and hardware.

Organize and upgrade your parking lots and entrances

Designating reserved parking and student pick-up/drop-off areas, enforcing safe speeds, creating temporary barriers, and directing heavy traffic, even in inclement weather, will ensure that traffic flows without incident or delays. Upgrading your school parking lot and equipment will not only make sure that students, staff, and visitors are safe but also keep traffic organized and the parking lot looking clean and functional.

Having the right tools and equipment to implement your parking lot strategy will help put your plan into action. Check out this guide to help you get your parking lot under control.

Display school pride with campus-style double-sided pole banners.Another easy way to improve your outdoor spaces is by adding or updating flags and banners. Outdoor flags are made from heavy-duty Nylon or Polyester and are UV treated to keep these outdoor flags looking bright and vibrant. We also carry flag rope and flag pole accessories you need for easy maintenance of flags on your school grounds.

Display school pride with campus-style double-sided pole banners. The UV-protected matte finish keeps banners bright and vibrant for years of use. Our banners are fully customizable (customizations are included in the price!) with your school's name, logo, mascot, etc.

Often overlooked, the school's outdoor space may offer the most diverse range of educational experiences on any campus. "Whether it is an elementary school, high school, or college campus, outdoor space can be transformed into an integral piece of the learning equation." (1)

No matter what you decide to do with these spaces, understanding the maintenance needs of these areas is critical to their long-term enjoyment. However, the development of outdoor classrooms may identify opportunities to reducing maintenance such as changing unused lawn areas to no-mow wildflower meadows. (1)

Whatever the transformation, enlisting the help of student volunteers and local community groups can make the transition less labor-intensive on your maintenance department.


We hope you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns please visit the School Fix® Blog, or explore our collections of products we have everything from locker parts to parking lot barricades or bathroom partition hardware.


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