Snap-Grip™ Chair Glides


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The Snap-Grip™ Glide Cap is a one-size-fits-all solution to prevent floor scratching in classrooms and cafeterias. Designed to be the last Glide Cap you will ever need. The patented Snap-Grip™ design secures around the base of the existing chair glide to permanently hold the outer cap, completely covering the chair glide base. The glide base is still allowed to swivel freely to accommodate all angled leg chairs. Engineered to last, felt fibers are infused into the rubber-like PVC, eliminating any potential felt failure. Large cap base surface has a 2” diameter to distribute weight evenly, virtually eliminating floor scratching, and has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Snap-Grip™ Glide Covers retro-fit existing school furniture to function scratch-free on hard floor surfaces. Installation takes just minutes and requires no existing chair glide removal. The reinforced sidewalls provide superior strength; the patented Snap-Grip™ Insert holds the felt-infused Glide Cover securely in place. The felt surface is infused into the rubber-like PVC Glide Cover, and the rounded bottom of the chair leg cover allows for reliable use on any chair leg, making them some of the best chair feet covers around. In addition, Snap-Grip™ Glide Covers come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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