1. Worley Jamb Housing
    Only $5.50
  2. Worley Door Stop For Gravity Latch
    Only $1.22
  3. Worley Handle Rubber Bumper - Upper
    Only $4.05
  4. Worley Handle Rubber Bumper - Lower
    Only $4.05
  5. Worley Bumper For Die Cast Handle
    Only $4.05
  6. Worley Shoulder Rivet For Gravity Latch
    Only $0.27
  7. Worley Tinnerman Clip For Locking Channel
    Only $0.41
  8. Worley Lock Stop For Two-Person Locker
    Only $2.61
  9. Worley Locker Foot - Adjustable
    Only $3.45
  10. Worley Double Prong Ceiling Hook
    Only $0.63

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Shop our wide variety of locker parts designed to fit Worley brand lockers including replacement lock bars, door jambs, clips, handles, hardware, and everything you need for repairing school lockers.

We also carry universal locker parts that will fit any locker brand, such as hooks and other hardware. Click to shop all Universal Replacement Locker Parts.