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Outdoor Furniture will not only enhance your school, but it will allow students and staff to have comfortable and functional outdoor space to collaborate, study, or simply for eating outside to enjoy the weather.

Outdoor Furniture is made from Thermoplastic-coated Steel to provide you with a reliable and vandal-resistant outdoor seating solution that will last for years. Most furniture can be used indoors or outdoors, these Ergonomic Mesh or Slatted Seating and Waste Receptacle designs are weighted for stability to keep them in place at your school facility.

UV fade-resistant additives are incorporated in the manufacturing process to reduce the risk of fading when installed outdoors.

Galvanized Steel Bike Racks encourage bike use among students and can be placed strategically in areas around your school. Place Galvanized Steel Bike Racks on grass, gravel, or concrete. Bike Racks are available in several lengths to accommodate any bike capacity your school needs.

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