How to Improve School Parking Lot Safety and Efficiency

By Team School Fix® on September 16th, 2021

"One of the most challenging aspects of students returning to school is how traffic flow in the school parking lot is handled..."

Student Drop-Off & Bus Traffic Message Signs for SaleStudent Drop-Off & Bus Traffic Message Signs for Sale


School Administrators and Facility Managers struggle with displaying rules and guidelines to direct traffic flow for parents such as where to stop, where to start, and how to exit efficiently when dropping off or picking up students. Tack on student drop-off and parking times in the dark morning hours or in-climate weather conditions, and it can present a real safety hazard for staff and students alike. Proper planning and the right tools are essential to creating a well-organized and safe parking lot!

Designating Reserved Parking and Student Pick-Up/Drop-Off Areas, enforcing safe speeds, creating temporary barriers, and directing heavy traffic, even in inclement weather, will ensure that traffic flows without incident or delays. These steps will also make sure that students, staff, and visitors are safe and reduce liability costs to the school district. Having the right tools and equipment to implement your parking lot strategy will help put your plan into action. That's why we've put together this guide to help you get your parking lot under control this school year.

Clearly Designate Parking Spots and Other Important Areas

We at School Fix® have listened to many of our customers' concerns and have specifically designed our School Parking Lot Signs with messages that can clearly be understood by drivers at a glance. By incorporating high visibility reflective backing vinyl material with large font sizes for easy viewing in the dark, rain, fog, or snowy conditions. Signs specific for School Parking Lots include Handicap Parking, Reserved Parking, Visitor Parking, No Parking, Student Pick-Up & Drop-Off Areas, Limited-Time Parking, or choose a Custom Sign to add your own message. Our Aluminum Signs feature your choice of Engineer-Grade Reflective or High-Intensity Prismatic reflective sign surfaces, in a variety of sizes and pre-drilled for easy installation. 

Large Parking Lot and Directional Stencils create high visibility message areas and provide greater traffic control. Popular options for parking lots include parking lines, arrows, handicap parking symbols, designated and reserved parking stencils. Utilizing our Stencil Painting Tools will come in handy for large jobs. Choose between the Striping Wand Tool or the Paint Striping Cart. Use the Striping Wand on stenciling or parking line touch-ups, plus enjoy its lightweight and durable design. The striping cart features steel construction, easy operation, and can store up to 12 cans of paint. The Cart allows for the painting of stripes in 2" and 4" Widths.

Our Parking Blocks assist in parking lot organization by designating parking spots as well as keeping drivers from pulling too far up onto sidewalks. Choose from Solid Rubber or Plastic materials. Parking Blocks feature Night Reflective Options and other colors, such as Blue, for designating handicapped-accessible parking spots. The Solid Rubber Parking Blocks also allow you to add Aluminum Parking Block Signs for additional messaging. Parking Block Signs measure 32" Width x 3" Height and feature easy screw-in mounting.

Enforce SAFE Speeds in Your Parking Lot and Driveways

Force drivers to slow down in your parking lot with Solid Rubber or Plastic Speed Bumps. Starting at 6' Feet Long up to 24-1/2' Feet Long, you can choose lengths that fit your parking lot or driveway. Features and options include Night Reflective Panels, Interlocking Sectional Speed Bumps, Bolt-Down Installation on either Concrete or Asphalt, and add-on End Caps.

Control traffic speeds in your parking lot, driveways, and pedestrian crossing areas with Aluminum Parking Lot Signs. Post Speed Limit Signs, Slow Signs, School Zone Signs, or other Parking and Traffic Flow Directions. Our In-Stock Signs display messages designed specifically for schools. All Aluminum Signs feature your choice of Engineer-Grade Reflective or High-Intensity Prismatic Reflective sign surfaces, in a variety of sizes and pre-drilled for easy installation.

Create Temporary Barriers to Direct Traffic Efficiently

School Fix® stocks many popular products to provide schools with affordable and durable solutions to make parking lot traffic safer and better managed. Parking Lot Delineator Posts are the perfect solution to direct traffic in any parking lot or traffic lanes. Constructed of Impact-Resistant Plastic with Reflective Striping for high-visibility even at night. For added stability, choose from our Fillable Base or Solid Rubber Base. The design at the top of the Post accepts Signs, Caution Tape, or a Safety Chain to create a continuous barricade.

Other barricade options to keep traffic organized or restrict access to specified areas include traffic diverting A-Frames with Reflective Panels and large A-Frame Barricades. These portable barriers can be filled with water or sand for added stability, are weather-resistant, and are easy to set up.

Traffic Cones are made of super flexible PVC with UV fade-resistant properties, built to last even in the roughest weather conditions. You can rely on our Parking Lot Cones to direct traffic flow, organize parking areas, or restrict access to specified areas. Add high-visibility Cone Signs to increase parking lot safety plus direct traffic by adding our Standard Cone Signs or our new, Extra-Wide Cone Signs for additional directions or rules. Cone Handles and Chain Toppers can be added to the top of Traffic Cones for use with Safety Chains to create temporary barriers. Other barricade options that can be added to Traffic Cones include High-Visibility Tapes, Cone Connectors, or Topper Belts.

Clearly Direct Heavy Traffic in ALL Weather Conditions

Another line of solutions for effective traffic control is our all-weather, large-size, Portable Signs specifically designed for School Parking Lots, Sidewalks, and Entrances. Popular sign solutions include...

The Tip & Roll Interchangeable Sign Stanchion: main features include an extra-large size, double-sided messages, quick message change-outs, portable roll-away design, withstands all-weather, and weighted for extra stability.

The Heavy Duty Double Sided Traffic Sign with Base: main features include large size, double-sided messages, quick message change-outs, portable, weighted, easy to transport, withstands all-weather, High-Intensity Reflective Sign Backing, and includes Safety Orange Sign Frame.

Our Portable Weighted Signs: main features include high visibility messages, portable, weighted, withstands all-weather, easy transport and set up, large size, and available in Safety Orange, Black, or Red Sign Frames.

Our High-Visibility Weighted A-Frame Signs: main features include easy-to-carry design, double-sided, high visibility, fillable for added weight, withstands all-weather, folding design for convenient storage, large size, and available in Safety Orange or Yellow Frames.

Our Interchangeable A-Frame Signs: main features include easy transport and set up, interchangeable messages, fillable for added weight, withstand all-weather, folding design for convenient storage, large size, and available in Black or White Frames.

Take some time to evaluate the needs of your Parking Lot and Driveways, any possible safety issues, and identify heavy traffic areas. Then make a list of the tools and equipment that would best address these problem areas you've encountered. Create your written plan and get a quote for the equipment you need. If you need help, give us a call at 800-930-6299, and we can help you find the right School Parking Lot Equipment for the new school year.

We hope you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog.

Parking Cones, Posts, and Equipment for SaleParking Cones, Posts, and Equipment for Sale
Parking Cones, Posts, and Equipment

Student Drop Off Stencil 9in. Letter Size for SaleStudent Drop Off Stencil 9in. Letter Size for Sale
Student Drop Off Stencil 9" Letter Size

  • Letter Size: 9"
  • Thickness: 1/16"
  • Material: Tear-Resistant Plastic

No Parking Cone Sign for SaleNo Parking Cone Sign for Sale
No Parking Cone Sign

  • Dimensions: 14-1/2" W x 12-1/2" H
  • Material: 1/8" Thick Plastic
  • Universal Design Fits Most Parking Cones
  • Message Printed on Both Sides

Parents No Pickup Buses Only Sign with Tip and Roll Base for SaleParents No Pickup Buses Only Sign with Tip and Roll Base for Sale
Parents No Pickup Buses Only Sign with Tip and Roll Base

  • Overall Dimensions: 57" H x 28.7" W x 18.1" D
  • Message Sign Area: 24" W x 36" H
  • Sign Frame can be Filled with Sand for Added Weight
  • 2-Sided Sign Area

Interchangeable A-Frame Sign - Black Frame 22in. X 28in. for SaleInterchangeable A-Frame Sign - Black Frame 22in. X 28in. for Sale
Interchangeable A-Frame Sign

  • Overall Dimensions: 24" W x 36" H
  • Sign Dimensions: 22" W x 28" H
  • Sign Frame can be Filled with Sand for Added Weight
  • "Quick Change" Sign Feature
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