Transform Your Classroom with Chalk-to-Marker Dry Erase Solutions

In Use Marker Board Dry Erase Board at SchoolFix.comRetro-fitting your existing chalkboards to whiteboards has never been easier. We designed the Magnawhite Retro-fit system to be simple to install and provide the most professional fit and finish possible while keeping prices affordable.

It starts with a measurement of your existing chalkboard, from frame edge to edge, that you would like to convert to a dry erase board. Choose from our stock sizes, or if you need a custom size, we can help with that too. We will send you a custom quote on your project within 24 hours.

We've put together a list of popular options to convert your chalkboards to dry-erase boards, based on installation type. These installation types include screw-on, glue-on, or stick-on. Keep reading to find out more about each of these options and what will work best for your classroom or school. 


Screw-On Chalk-to-Marker Retrofit Whiteboards

Screw-On Chalk-to-Marker Retro Fit Boards at School Fix CatalogMagnawhite retro-fit screw-on dry erase boards are made with an extruded 7/8in. thick aluminum frame surrounding a bright and vibrant writing surface, with a galvanized backer sheet. There are two options of writing surface materials to choose from, Painted Steel and Porcelain on Steel. Both are completely magnetic and scratch-resistant.

Between the writing surface and backing sheet, is a corrugated core, providing you with no-flex. Boards longer than 10 feet require a Cover Bar that will allow any length to be installed. We ship Magnawhite Retro-fits to your doorstep ready for installation.

Installation is manageable enough for one person to handle. We provide self-drilling screws that secure right into your old chalkboard frame. No glue is required because the rigid galvanized backing sheet eliminates any flex that glue would ordinarily reduce.

Another great feature is that there is no need to remove and dispose of your old chalkboards. Magnawhite Retro-fit uses the chalkboard as a secure backing to mount to. That's why Magnawhite Retro-fit is the easiest chalkboard to dry erase board products available today.

Glue-On Chalk-to-Marker Retrofit Skins

Glue On Chalk to Marker Retro Fit Skins Dry Erase BoardsSteel Glue-On Magnaskins convert chalkboards to dry erase boards, a very popular choice for the budget-conscious buyer. Combines high-quality construction with an unbeatable price. Vibrant and durable marker surface resists scratches and shadowing, to stay looking pristine. Magnaskin's backer sheet provides support against flexing during use.

There are two options of writing surface materials to choose from, Painted Steel and Porcelain on Steel. Both are completely magnetic and scratch-resistant. Accepts magnetic teaching aids.

  • Step 1: Measure Your Existing Chalkboard, Outside of Frame Edge to Edge
  • Step 2: Apply Adhesive to the Old Chalkboard and to the Back of the Magnaskin (Trim Adhesive RB14)
  • Step 3: Place Your Magnaskin Over Your Old Chalkboard
  • Step 4: Roll to Properly Activate the Adhesive and Remove ALL Air Pockets

Vinyl Roll Self-Adhesive Chalk-to-Marker Retrofit Skins

Vinyl Roll Self-Adhesive Chalk-to-Marker Retro Fit BoardMagnaskin Vinyl Self-Adhesive Skins provide a manageable and easy-to-install Retro Fit whiteboard surface that easily converts chalkboards into dry erase boards.

Simply roll out the vinyl skin upside down on a table or work surface. Then apply one end to the side of the chalkboard. Continue to peel backing (2 people are required) and apply as you go. The Vinyl skin is made to reduce potential bubbles, but if any develop as you are applying, simply peel back and work out with squeegee (included with your order). Activate adhesion with felt bar, then trim to edge of existing board frame. That's it, you're ready to go, simple, easy, and reliable whiteboard writing surface.


We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products, or about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix Blog.


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