Locks, Master Locks & Specialty Locks

Choosing the right Lock to perform reliably in a school environment is a big deal. When choosing new locks for your locker, the lock needs to fit the style of the locker you are installing it on. Choose Built-In or Padlock-Style Locker Locks to best fit your school’s needs. Built-In Locks or Padlock Style Locks must be a high-quality and recognized brand such as Master Lock or Zephyr Lock to give... Read More

  1. Slam Shut Master Lock Left Hand
    Only $15.20
  2. 78in. Universal Cable Lock
    Only $16.25
  3. Combo Cable Padlock w/ 3ft. Long Cable
    Only $8.20
  4. Key Operated Padlock w/ 3ft. Cable
    Only $8.50
  5. Key Operated Indoor/Outdoor Cable Lock
    Only $9.20
  6. Universal Drawer Lock with Keys
    Only $8.37
  7. Adjustable Master Lock With 2 Keys
    Only $5.45
  8. Zephyr Control Key
  9. Slam Shut Master Lock Right Hand
    Only $15.20

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