The Ultimate Locker Parts & Hardware Product Guide

The Ultimate Locker Product Guide at School Fix CatalogSchool is back in session and all the projects from the summer are complete. Now comes the day-to-day repair jobs and finding the right parts to complete these tasks. This can be a challenge especially when it comes to locker parts. It can be difficult to find parts for your locker brand or for the age of your lockers. However, replacing the entire locker, or sections of lockers, can be expensive and time-consuming, not to mention inconvenient for students and disruptive for classes.


How can we help? At School Fix® Catalog, we carry a vast selection of hard-to-find replacement locker parts designed to fit specific name brand lockers including Republic, Penco, Lyon, Medart, All Steel, Superior, Worley, and more. We also carry locker parts designed to fit any locker type or brand. From replacement locker handles and lifts, to number plates and hooks, we have what you need to fix your school lockers. We've put together this quick reference guide to our most common, and most popular, locker parts, tools, and hardware for fast and easy repairs.LR301 Republic Right Handed Locker Handle and Handing Diagram


Best Selling Handles


We created a category that consists of our most popular replacement locker handles for Republic, Penco, Lyon, All Steel, and Medart. Before you order verify your brand of locker and year of manufacture, if available. Also check the handing of your locker, whether it's right or left-handed. If the hinges of your lockers on the left, then you have a right-handed locker. If the hinges are on the right, then you have a left-handed locker.


Replacement Locker Hooks


Popular School Locker Hooks & Number Plates at School Fix CatalogUniversal Locker Parts make school locker repair and renovation easy. Our most popular locker hardware includes single prong and double prong locker hooks. Replace or add to your locker's organization for hanging backpacks, coats, or purses. Steel construction guarantees long-lasting quality.


Locker Number Plates


Locker number plates are sometimes an overlooked piece of locker hardware yet are important to the organization and efficiency of schools and facilities. Whether you're looking for brand-specific or a one-size-fits-all solution for locker number plates, we have what you need. Our universal locker number plates fit most locker brands and come numbered 1-500, or higher if needed, and custom numbers are available for more specific replacements.


Brand Specific Locker Parts


Brand specific locker parts include replacement handles, lifts, hinges, hooks, doors, lock bars, jambs and hooks, latches, number plates, and more. We've made it quick and easy to find the parts you need to fit your brand of locker with this quick search category. Popular locker brands include:

Locker Brand Name Logos

  • All Steel
  • Aurora
  • Interior
  • Lyon
  • Medart
  • Penco
  • Republic
  • Superior
  • Worley


We hope you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog.

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