Light Switch, Janitorial, & Restroom Keys

Keep your building operating smoothly and allow building maintenance and custodial staff to work efficiently with Light Switch, Janitorial, and Restroom Keys. Our Light Switch Keys are available for the most popular brands of Tamperproof Electrical Light Switches. Bathroom Maintenance Keys include Toilet Paper Dispenser Keys, Restroom Towel Cabinet Keys to fit the most popular Restroom Equipment brands, including Bobrick, Bradley, American Specialties (ASI), and many more.

  1. Dogging Lockdown Key
    As low as $2.75
  2. Light Switch Key
  3. Janitorial Key
  4. Light Switch Key
  5. Janitorial Key
  6. Key For Electrical Backboard
  7. Janitorial Key
  8. Janitorial Key
  9. Universal Restroom Key
  10. Janitorial Key
  11. Janitorial Key
  12. Janitorial Key
  13. Janitorial Key Stamped Steel L48
  14. Janitorial Key Stamped Steel L60
  15. Janitorial Key Stamped Steel L61
  16. Bobrick Restroom Key
  17. American Specialties Restroom Accessory Key
  18. Master Key for ADA Handicap Master Lock
  19. Master Key
  20. Bradley Restroom Accessory Key
  21. Corbin Russwin Universal Dead Bolt Key
  22. Universal Yale Dead Bolt Key
  23. Universal Plastic Restroom Key
  24. Universal Plastic Restroom Key

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