79in. Long Interlocking Lightweight Plastic Barricade

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Interlocking Lightweight Plastic Barricade - 79in.
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  • Material: Heavy-Duty Plastic
  • Color: Yellow or Charcoal
  • Dimensions: 79in.L x 39-3/8in.H
  • (2) 360 Degree Swivel Feet w/ Anti-Trip Feature
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Optional Sign Mounting
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use

This linkable heavy-duty plastic barricade is perfect for schools as it increases safety, which is a key requirement for any area accessed by a large number of children. The linkable feature permits multiple barricades to be interlocked together to form a long chain of safety barriers for covering a larger area. Plus the barrier can be contoured according to the specific application – linked barricades can be placed in a straight line or at 90° angles. In addition, it can even stand on uneven surfaces and inclined areas.

Furthermore, it is 79 inches long and equipped with 360° swivel feet with an anti-trip feature. The swivel feet offer ease-of-use and friction-free handling, when moving or in storage – easy to maneuver so you can easily place it at the desired location and angle. The anti-trip feature renders unsurpassed stability to the barricade, meaning it will introduce safety and stand securely even in a rough school environment.

In addition, it comes with pre-drilled holes for optional sign mounting. It’s a handy feature, especially in a school setting, allowing you to post signs such as, Do Not Enter, This Area is Closed, or No Access to instruct children or specify that a particular area is off-limits.

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