How Updating Restrooms Positively Impacts Your School

How Updating Restrooms Positively Impacts Your SchoolIt may come as a surprise, but making improvements to your school’s restroom facilities can save the school money, reduce maintenance costs, and improve sanitation. Although the costs may seem high initially, this investment can translate to big savings and increased efficiency, not to mention reduce the spread of germs and create a positive school image. Even simply paying attention to the little details can make a big difference in aesthetics, cleanliness, and maintenance.


Simple Solutions

There are solutions available for any budget. Repainting is just one of many simple solutions. Schools can update their facilities regularly by changing colors, and repainting comprises a standard part of good maintenance. Use strong colors to convey a stimulating, fun environment.


Functional & Affordable

Improve the form & function of restroom accessoriesImproving the form and function of restroom accessories is another solution that is affordable and easy to implement. Hand dryers or paper towel dispensers should be near the sink, rather than across the room, so students do not have to cross the room with wet, dripping hands - which could create a slip and fall incident as well as increase janitorial services to mop up the wet floor.

If moving these items is not feasible, consider wet floor signs, at the very least, to help prevent slip and falls. There should also be a sufficient number of trash receptacles to prevent overflow and should be placed near the sink and towel dispensers, increasing cleanliness.


Go “Hands-Free”

Looking for a long-term solution that saves money and reduces waste while stopping the spread of germs? Consider touchless systems to control the number of products that dispense and create a more sanitary environment. Hands-free towel dispensers and soap dispensers prevent users from overusing, creating excess waste, and increasing costs.

Make Your Restroom Hands-Free with Touchless Restroom AccessoriesTouch-free hand dryers reduce waste and costs by eliminating the need for reordering products and time for refilling the product. Ease of use also means compliance. Since touchless systems are easier to use, these will be used more often, therefore increasing the benefits of handwashing and disease prevention.


Time for a Change

Your school may be looking for bigger solutions, whether it’s to replace stall doors, panels, or pilasters, due to wear and tear or vandalism, or maybe a complete renovation. Either way, there are affordable solutions available. Ordering vandal-resistant restroom partitions will give your school restrooms a great new look plus the durability you expect with easy-to-clean surfaces.


Choose from these select partition materials for your restroom - solid plastic, phenolic, or stainless steel

Whether you are looking into major renovations or minor upgrades, including updating the bathroom partition hardware, making any type of improvement to your school’s restroom can make a big difference. Investing in these changes will save your school money by reducing maintenance costs, improve sanitation by reducing waste and preventing the spread of germs, and create a positive school image by offering a clean and compliant restroom environment.


We hope you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix Blog.


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