Stacking Chairs


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Stacking chairs offer numerous benefits for schools, making them an ideal choice for educational institutions. Firstly, stacking chairs are extremely space-efficient, which is particularly important for schools where space is often at a premium. Unlike traditional chairs, stacking chairs can be neatly stacked on top of one another when not in use, which means they take up a minimal amount of space. This makes them an excellent choice for schools with limited classroom space or those that need to make the most of their available space.

Another benefit of stacking chairs for schools is their portability. Stacking chairs are typically lightweight and easy to move around, which means they can be easily rearranged to accommodate different classroom layouts or activities. This flexibility is particularly important for schools that need to accommodate a range of different activities and learning styles, as it allows teachers to quickly and easily adapt their classrooms to suit the needs of their students. Additionally, the ease of movement also makes it easier for students to move their chairs around as they work on group projects or activities, promoting collaboration and interaction among students.

The School Fix® line of Classroom Stacking Chairs includes styles such as Four Leg Stack Chairs, Sled Leg Chairs, and Cantilever Chairs to cater to the needs of your school. We offer only the highest quality School Stacking Chairs, such as the renowned Virco® 9000 Series Stack Chair, with a timeless chair shell design and quality construction from highly durable, injection-molded Polyethylene. These Virco® Chairs can be found in thousands of classrooms worldwide.

  • Four-Leg Stacking Chairs: Four-Leg School Chairs are the most traditional and popular classroom chair choice. The four-leg design of these stack chairs allows the weight of the student to be distributed evenly across the floor, minimizing the risk of floor scratching and extending the life of the chair. These school chairs also allow for a wider range of student height and weight profiles.
  • Sled Leg Stacking Chairs: Sled Based School Chairs provide even weight distribution from the chair legs to the floor and don’t get caught on uneven floor surfaces or cracks in the ground.
  • Cantilever Stacking Chairs: Cantilever School Chairs allow for more movement when sitting down and are harder to tip backward than Traditional Four-Leg School Chairs. Cantilever Chairs also allow for easy and efficient storage in the classroom by simply placing the undershell of the chair on top of a classroom workstation.