A School's Guide to the Best Door Stoppers

By Team School Fix® on November 16th, 2021

"Reliable Door Holders help make a building operate safely and efficiently. Finding the right Door Stopper or Door Holder for your school may seem like a straightforward process, but with so many different options and styles present, it can be a confusing decision to make..."

School Door Holders, Bumpers & HardwareSchool Door Holders, Bumpers & Hardware

Door Stops for schools exist to protect both the door and adjoining walls from damage due to the door being slammed against the wall, as well as to hold the door open for easy student entry to classrooms when needed. We offer a wide variety of high-quality Door Stoppers for all types of school doors, let School Fix® help you find what you need. We have assembled this guide to expedite you through the process of ordering Doorstops and Door Holders for your school.

1) Kick-Down Doorstop

Kick-Down Door Stoppers are mounted directly to the bottom of your door and allow for the door to be held open at the desired spot through their “kick-down” door holder design. These doorstops are a popular choice for classrooms and school offices that often need to prop doors open for accessibility purposes.

Kick-Down Stoppers are not only a practical addition to any school door, they can also add quite the aesthetic appeal to any door they are installed upon. Choose a doorstop finish to match your school's look.

2) Wall-Bumper Doorstop

Wall-Bumpers Door Stoppers are mounted directly to the wall, ideally in the spot where the door handle meets the wall when fully opened. These doorstops offer ample protection to both the door and wall by absorbing the impact of the door handle on the wall when it is opened too hard.

3) Floor-Mounted Doorstop

Floor-Mounted Door Stoppers serve the same purpose as Wall-Bumper Doorstops, however, they are mounted directly to the floor in front of the adjoining wall as opposed to being mounted to the adjoining wall. Just be sure to install these door stoppers as close to the wall as possible in order to avoid a potential tripping hazard in your hallway. These doorstops help to absorb the impact of the door before it hits the wall.

Why Buy?

  • Multiple styles of Floor-Mounted Door Bumpers available
  • Rubber cushioned tips
  • Multiple sizes are available
  • Quality construction

4) Hook Doorstop & Latch Doorstop

Hook Door Stoppers and Latch Door Stoppers are a cost-effective and efficient way to provide both impact protection and a strong door holding function from a singular, all-in-one unit. These doorstops come with two pieces, one to be mounted directly to the wall, and the other directly to the door. These dual-purpose units are a popular choice for classrooms because they offer both protection to your doors and walls as well as the ability to latch or hook to the door so it stays open for easier room accessibility.

5) Electromagnetic Doorstop

Electromagnetic Door Stoppers are available in both floor-mounted and wall-mounted designs that provide some of the best door impact protection available. These doorstops use electromagnetic power to hold the door open and prevent the door from slamming into the wall. These door-stopping and holding units are popular for use in high-traffic areas such as school hallways.

6) Doorstop Wedge

Rubber Wedge Door Stoppers are a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to hold school doors open. With no installation tools or hardware needed for use, these doorstops are a popular choice when a simple and quick solution is needed. These door holding units work by simply placing the door wedge underneath of the door at the desired position and can be removed in seconds for security purposes.

7) Door Chocks

Door Holding Chocks exist as a temporary solution to holding doors open for a short amount of time, whether it be for door maintenance or an emergency type situation. These Door Chocks can be placed in a variety of areas around the door to help hold the door in a specific position.

Have More Questions?

As you can see, there's a lot to consider when choosing the right Door Stoppers and Holders for your school, but never fear - there’s a School Fix® product to fit your needs! We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products or about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog.

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