Safe School Opening Products

Being prepared for the reentry of students during a pandemic is very complex. Facility managers and school officials will need to have the right equipment to reassure students and parents that they can return safely. To help keep students safe, try our clear acrylic sneeze guards and shields. We carry sneeze guards that will partition cafeteria tables and workstations as well as individual student desks. The stand-alone shields, available with or without document slot, are perfect for offices or counters where staff and students interact.

Ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed with reminder messages for students and staff. Place social distancing floor decals at entrances, cafeteria lines, restrooms, classrooms, or anywhere lines are formed or foot traffic is congested. Place these decals indoors or outdoors, on carpet, hard flooring, or concrete.

Use specialty printed entrance matting, or take it a step further and add sanitizing matting to clean and disinfect shoes upon entrance into your building. Increase compliance of sanitizing and disinfecting for COVID-19 with health and safety signs in and around your building. Message signs also help reinforce the importance of handwashing. We also offer dispensers and refills for hand soap and hand sanitizer for your school.