Top 5 Products to Safely Reopen Your School

Top 5 Products to Safely Reopen Your School this FallBeing prepared for the reentry of students during a pandemic is very complex. Not only should facility managers and school officials have policies and procedures in place, but they will also need the right equipment to reassure students and parents that they can return safely.

Be ready to answer parent's questions with confidence, such as, how will you keep students mindful about maintaining safe distances from classmates, or how will your school stop the spread of germs in enclosed classrooms? These are concerns that parents and staff will want addressed before school starts.

Health & Safety Signs to Promote Social Distancing, Hand Washing, and Wearing a MaskYour school is going to need to invest in the tools and equipment that can put these concerns to rest. From clear dividers in classrooms to social distancing reminders, make sure you can implement and enforce your policies and procedures outlined in your school reopening plan. Here are our top five products to help your school reopen safely this fall.


1.  Health & Safety Signs

Increase compliance of sanitizing and disinfecting for COVID-19, as well as social distancing, with health and safety signs in and around your building. We offer message signs that help reinforce the importance of handwashing. There are also signs for hospital entrances and crowd-control as well as promoting REST - Reduce, Exposure, Sanitize, Treatment - as a constant reminder of what to do to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

We offer these health and safety messages in a variety of sign types and materials including signs for indoors and outdoors; signs constructed of aluminum, plastic, or vinyl decal; and specialty signs for use in parking lots and at entrances, including many of our popular interchangeable sign models.

Buy Social Distancing Floor Decals and Tabletop Seating Signs and Decals for your school 


2.  Social Distancing Floor Decals & Seating Signs

Encourage your students, as well as staff and visitors, to maintain a safe distance and ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed with reminder messages.

Buy Social Distancing Floor Decals and Tabletop Seating Signs and Decals for your school 

Our semi-permanent floor decals, or stickers, are made of a high-quality, slip-resistant vinyl that will hold up even in high foot traffic areas. Place social distancing floor decals at entrances, cafeteria lines, restrooms, classrooms, or anywhere lines are formed or foot traffic is congested. Apply these decals indoors on carpet, hard floorings such as tile or laminate, or outdoors on asphalt or concrete.

The double-sided tabletop seating signs are a simple and effective way to help keep students distanced and safe. Use on cafeteria tables, classroom tables or desks, or other common area seating. Each sign is constructed of 1/8in. thick impact-resistant plastic that features a high-visibility message sign display. Both the V-Shaped & L-Shaped models can be used with or without double-sided tape to secure to the desk or table, the tape is included. Each model is available in your choice of three design styles and messages.

Easily social distance and organize student seating arrangements with tabletop vinyl decals. The simple peel-and-stick decal signs are made specifically for school workstations. Choose from four messages and design styles.


3.  Entrance Matting for Social Distancing and Shoe Sanitization

Have confidence that your school can open safely with entrance matting for social distancing and shoe sanitizationUse specialty printed entrance matting, or take it a step further and add sanitizing matting to clean and disinfect shoes upon entrance into your building. Place these specialty floor mats or sanitizing mats at your facility entrances and in foyers.

The Social Distancing Door Entrance Mat is designed to provide important safety messages at school and facility entrances. These message mats display social distancing reminders while capturing dirt and moisture, helping to reduce slip-and-falls and keep your floors clean and dry.

An all-in-one-solution, the Step-Well mat will safely sanitize shoes. This indoor specialty mat features a 2ft. x 3ft. well that holds an abrasive insert and approximately 84oz. of sanitizing solution (not included). Shop Safety Sneeze Guards or Shield for schools - desks, tables, and counter top shieldsThe insert is designed to assist in the removal of any dirt or debris from the bottom of shoes and allows the sanitizing solution to reach the entire sole surface. The well is then followed by a 3ft. x 5ft. nylon carpet that dries shoes to reduce the risk of slip-and-falls and protect your floors from moisture. Easily and safely wash, wipe, and walk.


4.  Safety Sneeze Guards or Shields for Schools 

Keep students and staff safe when reopening your school with sneeze guards. These transparent dividers or partitions act as a shield to stop or slow the spread of viruses in your building. Available for student desks, teacher's desks, workstations, cafeteria tables, as well as, stand-alone shields for offices or countertops where staff and students interact.

Shop Safety Sneeze Guards or Shield for schools - desks, tables, and counter top shieldsWe offer a cost-effective sneeze guard solution to create a safe and secure barrier in classrooms. Made of a durable, corrugated plastic with clear plastic, front viewing panel, this lightweight design folds away for easy storage and unfolds for easy setup. Secure to desks, tables, or workstations with double-sided tape or use with mounting brackets.

Other in-stock options include the tri-fold acrylic safety shield sneeze guards, perfect for student desks and classroom workstations. We also have sneeze guards that divide the entire length of a 12ft. long rectangle cafeteria table or the entire surface of a 60in. round cafeteria table. Countertop safety shields or sneeze guards are available with or without a document pass-through window. 

Promote Clean Hands with Sanitizer Stations 


5.  Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

Make it easy for students and staff to keep their hands clean and germ-free with soap and sanitizer dispensers. Upgrade your restrooms with replacement dispensers or additional dispensers. Create sanitizing stations around your school including at entrances and in classrooms, offices, and common areas.

Soap dispenser options:

  • Paddle pump or traditional pump
  • Bulk liquid or foam dispensers


Sanitizer dispenser options: 

  • Touch-free dispensers
  • Mountable to floor stands, tabletop stands or the wall
  • Sanitizer refills available


Getting your school prepared for reopening during a pandemic can be daunting, however, with the right tools it can be done successfully. Review your plan and follow this product guide to find what you need for a safe opening this fall. 

We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products, like our locker parts or parking lot barricades and school whiteboards, or about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix Blog.

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