Corrugated Plastic Safety Sneeze Guards - Clear Front & Side Panels

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Corrugated Plastic Safety Sneeze Guards with Clear Panels
As low as $23.50
  • Small Size: 20"W x 14"D x 20"H
  • Large Size: 23"W x 16"D x 24"H
  • Material: Corrugated Plastic with Clear & Rigid Plastic Film
  • Clear Front & Side Viewing Panels
  • Secure with Tape or Brackets
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

Durable Corrugated Plastic Sneeze Guards are our most popular choice for school classroom desk use. The folding design is made from durable Corrugated Plastic, with three large viewing windows to allow a large sightline. These are one of our most popular designs because they are durable, easy for students to transport between classrooms, fold down for easy storage, and are stable on the desk or table when set up. The stabilizing feet hold the Sneeze Guard in place and can be secured to the desktop or left unsecured. 

This Sneeze Guard design is cost-effective, made to fit into any school... Read More