To make your school run smoothly, punctuality and productivity play an important role. Clocks throughout your building need to be of exceptional quality & accuracy.

Our X-Wave clocks are made of commercial-grade materials to keep your school running efficiently. Atomic clocks are radio-controlled to automatically keep accurate time, or choose quartz clocks to adjust manually. Our large LED digital clock can sit independently or be wall-mounted. Whichever clock is best for your school, we’ll provide you with affordable, high quality options.

  1. 14in./16in. X-Wave Military Style Atomic Clock
    As low as $38.78
  2. 12in. X 6in. LED Display Clock With 4in. Red Display
  3. 14in. X-Wave Atomic Clock
  4. 16in. X-Wave Atomic Clock
  5. 14in. X-Wave Quartz Clock
  6. 16in. X-Wave Quartz Clock - Non-Atomic
  7. 16in. Double Faced Atomic Clock
  8. 16in. Double Faced Quartz Clock
  9. 16in. Double Faced Military Style Clock

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