Schools play a vital role in shaping the future of our society, providing a safe and conducive learning environment for students. One area often overlooked when it comes to safety and maintenance is the school restrooms.

Buy Vandal-resistant Restroom Equipment for SchoolsBuy Vandal-resistant Restroom Equipment for Schools

Vandalism in school restrooms can have significant negative consequences, affecting the well-being of students, damaging property, and draining valuable resources. To address this issue, schools should consider implementing vandal-resistant restroom accessories. In this blog, we will explore the importance of vandal-resistant restroom accessories and their benefits for schools.

Mitigating Vandalism →

Vandalism in school restrooms can range from graffiti and deliberate property damage to theft and even arson. Such acts of vandalism not only harm the physical infrastructure but also create an unsafe and unwelcoming atmosphere for students. By installing vandal-resistant restroom accessories, schools can deter potential vandals and significantly reduce acts of destruction. These accessories are specifically designed to withstand tampering and damage, offering a proactive solution to maintain a clean and functional restroom environment.

Cost Savings →

Vandalism in school restrooms can be financially burdensome for educational institutions. The cost of repairs, replacement, and maintenance can quickly add up, diverting funds that could be better used to enhance educational programs. Vandal-resistant restroom accessories, constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel, solid plastic, or reinforced hardware, are designed to withstand intentional damage. By investing in these long-lasting products, schools can significantly reduce repair and replacement costs over time, ultimately allowing resources to be allocated toward more constructive initiatives.

Hygiene and Safety →

Maintaining proper hygiene in school restrooms is crucial for the health and well-being of students. Vandal-resistant restroom accessories, such as robust soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, and hand dryers, can help ensure that essential sanitation amenities are consistently available. These accessories are designed to be securely mounted and difficult to remove or damage, preventing disruption in restroom services. By promoting good hygiene practices, schools can reduce the spread of illnesses and create a healthier environment for students and staff.

Longevity and Durability →

Traditional restroom accessories, often made of plastic or lightweight materials, are prone to damage and wear over time. Vandal-resistant accessories, on the other hand, are specifically engineered to withstand frequent use and abuse. With their sturdy construction and reinforced designs, these accessories are built to endure harsh treatment and resist tampering. By investing in vandal-resistant products, schools can ensure the longevity and durability of their restroom infrastructure, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Positive Environment and Student Well-being →

The overall school environment significantly impacts student morale and well-being. Restrooms that are well-maintained, clean, and safe contribute to a positive atmosphere, fostering a sense of pride and respect among students. Vandal-resistant restroom accessories play a crucial role in creating this positive environment by minimizing acts of vandalism and promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility. When students feel secure and comfortable in their school restrooms, they are more likely to develop positive attitudes towards their educational institution and their own personal growth.

Stainless Steel Sanitary Napkin Disposal ContainerStainless Steel Sanitary Napkin Disposal Container
Pictured: TCD807
Heavy Duty Sanitary Napkin Disposal ContainerHeavy Duty Sanitary Napkin Disposal Container
Pictured: TCD819

Toilet Paper Holders

Padlock Secured Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Dispenser

This dispenser is all stainless steel welded construction featuring a padlock secured center tube making this design extremely vandal-resistant. This model holds three standard paper rolls. The top is 6in. deep and can be used as a purse shelf.

Jumbo Tissue Dispenser holds (2) 9in. Rolls

This jumbo dual roll toilet paper dispenser allows you to double-up on your toilet paper stored in a stall. Designed for 9in. tissue rolls with 3in. or 2-1/4in. core. When the first roll is depleted, simply slide the bottom access panel to the other side to reveal the second roll. Refill indicator slots let you quickly check the amount left in your dispenser. Made out of a sturdy 18-gauge stainless steel with a satin finish. Vandal-resistant tumbler lock makes tampering more difficult.

Double Roll Limited Tissue Dispenser/Stainless Steel Housing

This heavy-duty double roll tissue dispenser features a stainless steel housing with double roll limited tissue dispenser mounted on the inside. Holds two standard sized rolls. Limited action dispensing reduces paper use and waste.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Bradley Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser

This versatile unit dispenses either (400) C-Fold or (525) Multi-Fold paper towels, without the use of a special applicator! Made to dispense one towel per pull action. The cabinet is hinged at the bottom to allow for easy filling. All corners are smoothed, to prevent burrs or sharp edges. Refill indicator slot on the front of the cabinet.

ASI™ Stainless Steel C-Fold Towel Dispenser

The ASI™ Stainless Steel Towel Dispenser has a locking design and holds 400 C-Fold towels. The overall cabinet dimensions are 14-5/8in. H x 11in. W x 4in. D. The dispenser features a refill viewer slot on the side to see when the paper towels are lower than 25% capacity. 

Soap and Sanitary Dispensers

Stainless Steel Liquid Soap Dispenser With Paddle Pump

Paddle pump stainless steel soap dispensers incorporate a new ergonomic and durable design with a concealed wall mount to reduce vandalism. This soap dispenser is constructed of 20 gauge stainless steel. It includes a hinged locking door on top of the dispenser. Measures 8-3/16in. x 4-13/16in. x 3-15/16in. with a capacity 40oz.

ASI® Automatic Touch-Free Liquid Soap Dispenser

The automatic touchless soap and sanitizer dispenser from ASI® features stainless steel construction, hands-free operation, and can be easily surface mounted to any wall. Touchless operation is sensor-activated and the unit is constructed of 22-gauge Type 304 stainless steel with a satin finish. Unit is accessible with lock keyed cover.

Sanitary Disposal Containers

High Impact Plastic Sanitary Napkin Disposal Container

These High Impact Plastic Napkin Disposal Containers features a surface-mounted design, ideal for mounting inside restroom stalls. Heavy-duty, impact-resistant ABS plastic construction increases maximum lifetime and durability. It also features a convenient, easy-to-operation hinged cover lid. Use Napkin Disposal Bags for easy emptying. Container measures 9-3/4in.W x 11-1/2in.H x 4in.D. Available in Beige or Gray.

ASI™ Stainless Steel Napkin Disposal Container

ASI™ Napkin Disposal Container features a surface-mounted design, perfect for mounting inside a toilet stall. All stainless steel construction with hinged cover. Measures: 7-1/2in. W X 10in. H X 3-7/8in. D.

Looking to Beef Up Your School's Toilet Partitions?

Design Your Own Custom Stainless Steel Toilet Partition Layout

Stainless Steel Toilet Partitions are a popular and durable option for school restrooms and other high-traffic areas where hygiene and durability are of utmost importance.

Continuous Two-Ear Brackets

Continuous two-ear brackets offer you unsurpassed durability, measuring 2-3/4in. deep x 57in. long with 1in. width to fit nearly any partition application. Standard with pre-drilled screw holes to make installation a breeze, and mounting screws are included. These brackets are intended for attaching mid-panels or panels to pilasters. Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Durable Plastic.

Continuous Stainless Steel Piano Hinge

The Continuous Stainless Steel Piano Hinge provides superior support for your toilet partition doors. Stainless steel is durable and reliable and makes it the best choice for any commercial hardware. This specific continuous hinge features a satin finish that will look great in any restroom and has 12 attachment points to hold secure.

This spring-loaded hinge design will ensure the restroom doors close after a patron has exited the stall. Wide-open stall doors can be a severe eye-sore for restroom users and are a great target for vandalism.

Other Heavy-Duty Restroom Equipment

ASI Stainless Steel Touch-Free Hand Dryer

This surface mounted, high-speed, touch-free hand dryer operates automatically from a sensor that activates by beam reflection from objects placed in the sensing zone. The motor and heating elements have internal resetting automatic thermal protection. It provides a drying time of less than 12 seconds. Warm air output temperature and velocity are adjustable. The cover is constructed of heavy-duty, one-piece formed stainless steel with a satin finish. The air nozzle is heavy-duty, directional fixed, rust-proof, and tamper-resistant.

Bemis® Toilet Seats

Broken or damaged toilet seats can create an unsafe environment for the user due to sharp edges, broken corners, or improper fastening. Bemis® toilet seats are an ideal replacement choice for nearly any situation. Durable commercial grade heavy-duty plastic construction made to last for years and function well for frequent use situations. These toilet seats come with Superior Fastening Systems Fasteners to ensure that your toilet seat will stay in place and secure using all stainless steel hardware that will not rust or corrode due to the moist environment.

Frameless Stainless Steel Unbreakable Mirrors

Our unbreakable mirrors are fabricated of 20 gauge type 304 stainless steel polished to a #8 mirror finish with a 1/4" (6 mm) return. Constructed with 1/4" (6 mm) thick concealed tempered Masonite backing and 4 mounting holes that allow you to mount to your liking. These light weight mirrors have 10 times the break resistance of glass making them a great substitution to glass mirrors in facilities such as schools that experience a lot of children traffic.

Let School Fix® Help!

Creating a safe and inviting environment for students should be a top priority for schools. By incorporating vandal-resistant restroom accessories, educational institutions can effectively address the challenges posed by vandalism. These accessories not only mitigate acts of destruction but also contribute to cost savings, improved hygiene, durability, and enhanced student well-being. Schools should recognize the value of investing in vandal-resistant restroom accessories as a proactive measure to protect their infrastructure, support a positive learning environment, and promote a sense of pride among students and staff.

We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products or solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog.

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